Arun District Council Elections


Arun District Council serves a population of almost 150,000. The District is divided into 23 wards, represented by 54 Councillors  Elections for Arun District Council are held every 4 years. 

In order to vote in elections, you need to be registered.  


Forthcoming / Current Elections

On 22 February 2018 there will be a by-election for Marine Ward. Please see below for key dates and election information.

Publication of Election Notices

Election Timetable.pdf [pdf] 135KB

Notice of Casual Vacancy-Marine District Ward.pdf [pdf] 20KB

Notice of Election - Marine District Ward.pdf [pdf] 37KB

Statement of Persons Nominated - Marine District Ward.pdf [pdf] 12KB

Notice of Election Agents - Marine District Ward.pdf [pdf] 10KB

Notice of Poll and Polling Stations - Marine District Ward.pdf [pdf] 13KB

Declaration of Result of Poll - Marine District Ward.pdf [pdf] 11KB

Registration deadlines

6 February: New applications to register to vote 

7 February: Applications for a postal vote or to change or cancel an existing postal/proxy vote

14 February (by 5pm): Applications to vote by proxy 

22 February (by 5pm): Applications for an emergency proxy vote



The next elections will be held in May 2019.


Results and Notices of Previous Elections

Aldwick West By-Election - 2 November 2017

Declaration of results of poll - Aldwick West.pdf [pdf] 19KB


Arun District Council Election - 7 May 2015


Aldwick East.pdf [pdf] 23KB

Aldwick West.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Angmering & Findon.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Arundel & Walberton.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Barnham.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Beach.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Bersted.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Brookfield.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Courtwick with Toddington.pdf [pdf] 29KB

East Preston.pdf [pdf] 24KB

Felpham East.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Felpham West.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Ferring.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Hotham.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Marine.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Middleton-on-Sea.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Orchard.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Pagham.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Pevensey.pdf [pdf] 23KB

River.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Rustington East.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Rustington West.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Yapton.pdf [pdf] 27KB


Arun District Council By-Election 2013

Angmering 18 April 2013 Results.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Aldwick East 14 March 2013 Results.pdf [pdf] 28KB 


Arun District Council Election 2011

Aldwick East 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Aldwick West 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 30KB

Angmering 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Arundel 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Barnham 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Beach 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 30KB

Bersted 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 35KB

Brookfield 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 27KB

East Preston with Kingston 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Felpham East 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Felpham West 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Ferring 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Findon 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 21KB

Ham 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 30KB

Hotham 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 33KB

Marine 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 33KB

Orchard 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Pagham and Rose Green 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 38KB

Pevensey 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

River 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 32KB

Rustington East 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Rustington West 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Walberton 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 22KB

Wick with Toddington 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Yapton 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 23KB


How do I find my polling station?

We now have an interactive tool to help residents find their polling station.  Please visit our Find my Polling Station page.