Arun District Council Elections

Arun District Council serves a population of almost 150,000. The District is divided into 23 wards, represented by 54 Councillors  Elections for Arun District Council are held every 4 years. 

In order to vote in elections, you need to be registered.  


Forthcoming / Current Elections


Arun District Council Elections - Thursday 2 May 2019 (to be combined with Town and Parish Council elections)

Election Timetable [pdf] 179KB

Nomination Details for 2 May 2019 Elections

Notice of Election - to be published 18 March 2019

Statement of Persons Nominated - to be published 4 April 2019

Notice of Poll and Polling Stations - to be published 24 April 2019

Declarations of Result of Poll - to be published on 3 May 2019 once the result has been declared at the counting of the votes


You may be able to find details on the candidates standing by visiting the Democracy Club website


Results and Notices of Previous Elections


Marine By-Elections for Arun District Council - 22 February 2018

Declaration of Result of Poll - Marine District Ward.pdf [pdf] 11KB


Aldwick West By-Election - 2 November 2017

Declaration of results of poll - Aldwick West.pdf [pdf] 19KB


Arun District Council Election - 7 May 2015


Aldwick East.pdf [pdf] 23KB

Aldwick West.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Angmering & Findon.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Arundel & Walberton.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Barnham.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Beach.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Bersted.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Brookfield.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Courtwick with Toddington.pdf [pdf] 29KB

East Preston.pdf [pdf] 24KB

Felpham East.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Felpham West.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Ferring.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Hotham.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Marine.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Middleton-on-Sea.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Orchard.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Pagham.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Pevensey.pdf [pdf] 23KB

River.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Rustington East.pdf [pdf] 28KB

Rustington West.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Yapton.pdf [pdf] 27KB


Arun District Council By-Election 2013

Angmering 18 April 2013 Results.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Aldwick East 14 March 2013 Results.pdf [pdf] 28KB 


Arun District Council Election 2011

Aldwick East 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Aldwick West 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 30KB

Angmering 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 27KB

Arundel 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Barnham 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Beach 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 30KB

Bersted 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 35KB

Brookfield 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 27KB

East Preston with Kingston 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Felpham East 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Felpham West 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Ferring 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Findon 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 21KB

Ham 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 30KB

Hotham 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 33KB

Marine 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 33KB

Orchard 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

Pagham and Rose Green 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 38KB

Pevensey 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 31KB

River 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 32KB

Rustington East 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Rustington West 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 25KB

Walberton 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 22KB

Wick with Toddington 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Yapton 2011 Results.pdf [pdf] 23KB


How do I find my polling station?

We now have an interactive tool to help residents find their polling station.  Please visit our Find my Polling Station page.