How to stay safe on the beach

We want you to enjoy your visit to our stunning beaches and seafronts safely. Follow the basic advice on this page to make sure your visit is a happy one. 


The RNLI operates a lifeguard service on some of our beaches. Details for the 2024 season will be published here when available.

Know the signs 

The RNLI lifeguards will display flags on the beach – make sure you know what they mean. 

Red and yellow flag


Only swim in waters between the red and yellow flags – these show that the lifeguard is on patrol and the water is safe to enter. 




Red flag


Never enter the water if a red flag is flying – this means the water conditions are dangerous and it is unsafe to enter. 



Orange cone flag


If an orange cone or sock is flying, you must not use inflatables on the water – there is a strong wind or other hazard making the water unsafe for them. 



Beach patrol officers 

Our friendly staff are on duty on the East Beaches of Bognor Regis and Littlehampton from April to September, from 10:00am to 6:00pm.  

You’ll find them at the Foreshore Offices or patrolling the beach. 

Our officers operate a first aid and lost property post.  

Kid Care wristband service 

If you have young children, we recommend using the free Kid Care wristband service. 

Ask a lifeguard or beach patrol officer for a wristband to put on your child's wrist or ankle.  

We will take your contact details, and if your child gets separated from you for any reason we’ll be able to reunite you quickly. 

Contact the beach patrol office

Phone 01903 716241