Blue Badge parking

Apply for a Blue Badge

Contact West Sussex County Council if you would like to apply for a Blue Badge or have any further questions about the scheme.

You can also email             
or phone 01243 777653

Council car parks

All our car parks have free allocated disabled parking providing a valid Blue Badge is displayed.

If spaces are full, any other space in the car park (except coach bays, permit bays and motorcycle bays) can be used free of charge providing:

  • the vehicle is displaying a valid Blue Badge
  • the vehicle is parked within the markings of a bay
  • the registered disabled person is driving or is a passenger

You’ll find details of the amount of allocated disabled parking spaces under our individual car park information for each area.

Non-council car parks

It is up to the car park owner to decide whether Blue Badge holders can park free of charge in private car parks. You must always check signs to find out the rules for each car park. 

On-street parking

With a correctly displayed blue badge and parking clock, you can park for free where there are:

  • pay and display machines
  • parking meters
  • limited waiting bays (1/2 hour no return)
  • designated for disabled people with a blue wheelchair symbol

You must always check the signs to see what the rules are for the area you are parking.

Please view the governments Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities  for further information.