Buildings and Structures of Character


Local List Of Non-Designated Heritage Assets

Arun District Council has already identified two different types of non-designated heritage assets based on criteria published in the Arun Local Plan (2018). These being Areas of Character and Buildings or Structures of Character. These non-designated heritage assets, along with those clearly identified within ‘made’ Neighbourhood Development Plans, have been compiled into one new list which can be reviewed on a regular basis so that it remains up to date.   

A report discussing the creation of the new list is to be presented to the Planning Policy sub-Committee on 30 June 2020. Please see the new local List of Non Designated Heritage Assets 15 06 20.pdf [pdf] 765KB


Buildings or Structures of Character 

Historic buildings and structures are a precious and finite resource. They are powerful reminders of our history and the life and work of earlier generations. These buildings are noted as being of national importance for their 'special architectural or historic interest' and are placed on a list compiled by the Government. These are known as statutory Listed Buildings and are given special protection by law. There are, however, many buildings which, while not satisfying the national criteria, have strong local interest or appearance and contribute significantly to the distinctive character of their area or are very good examples of their type or style.

Although not protected by the Government; the properties enjoy their full Permitted Development Rights (unless individually removed), the council will use its planning policies, as far as possible, to protect the external appearance of the property. If any changes to a building on the list require planning permission, care will be taken to ensure the character of the building is maintained. Full details will be required to fully assess a development affecting a locally listed building.

As the local planning authority, the Council has, in conjunction with local amenity societies and property owners compiled a Local List to recognise the importance of these buildings. This list has been presented in Buildings or Structures of Character Supplementary Planning Document.pdf [pdf] 211KB prepared as part of the Council’s Local Plan. Further information can be found in the associated Buildings or Structures of Character FAQ.


Policy HER DM2
Locally Listed Buildings or Structures of Character

The Local Planning Authority will continue to identify and compile a list of locally important buildings and structures which make a positive contribution to local distinctiveness using the following criteria:

  1. Buildings of outstanding design, detailing, appearance or special interest because of the use of materials.
  2. Buildings which are extremely good examples of traditional or established style, or of unusual type.
  3. In special cases, buildings or structures which contribute towards the local townscape or have important historical or social associations.
  4. All buildings must be largely intact and not adversely affected by later extensions or alterations.
  5. Preferably, although not exclusively, they should make a positive contribution to their surroundings or the street scene.

Applications will only be granted for development which results in the loss of existing Locally Listed Buildings or Structures of Character when it can be demonstrated that the building or structure cannot be put to a beneficial use or re-use. Replacement structures will need to be of a high quality design. There may be circumstances where the public benefit from the proposed development outweighs any proposed harm, in such circumstances, the proposal will need to be justified as appropriate.

Proposals for the alteration or extension of buildings on the Local List will be expected to relate sensitively to the building or structure and its setting and respect its architectural, landscape or historic interest. The Local Planning Authority will seek to preserve features of such buildings which contribute to that interest.


Implications for residents and owners

The implications for residents and owners include the following:

  • Locally Listed Buildings do not have any additional statutory protection. However, inclusion on the Local List is a material consideration when planning proposals are determined.
  • We will encourage owners to meet the same principles of conservation and good design that is applied to statutory listed buildings.
  • Alterations or extension should enhance the character of the original building and special consideration will be given to the importance of maintaining the building's historical and architectural integrity.
  • The setting of a Locally Listed Building will also be taken into account when considering related development proposals and we protect these
    buildings through our local plan policies.


Is my property a Building or Structure of Character?

To discover if a property is a Building or Structure of Character it is recommended that you view Buildings or Structures of Character Supplementary Planning Document.pdf [pdf] 211KB which is split up in to parishes/ settlements and road names.