Complaints Against Councillors


Complaints against Councillors under the new Members’ Code of Conduct

Arun District Council adopted a revised Members’ Code of Conduct on 8th November 2017. This sets out how a Councillor (known as a 'Member') should behave when carrying out his/her duty as a Councillor for Arun District Council. However, it does not cover how our Councillors behave during their private lives. All Arun District Councillors have agreed to sign up to this Code and to completing a new Register of Interests showing any interests that they have.  Please see our Register of Members' Interests page for more information.

You can view a copy of the Members Code of Conduct.pdf [pdf] 90KB

All the town and parish councils within the district of Arun have signed up to their own codes of conduct. You can contact the relevant Parish Clerk to find out more.

Cause for complaint?

Arun District Council has a complaints procedure for dealing with complaints against its Councillors and complaints against Parish and Town Councillors within the district of Arun. This is called the Local Assessment Procedure v1.5 08.09.20.pdf [pdf] 242KB . Please complete the  Code of Conduct Complaint Form (updated Oct 2018).pdf [pdf] 116KB or in Word format  Code of Conduct Complaint Form (updated Oct 2018).docx [docx] 98KB  and return to the Monitoring Officer at Arun District Council, either via our email address or by post to the Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5LF.

If you want to know what to expect when the Council collects personal information from you about a complaint you make, you can either view our Privacy Policy at or call 01903 737500.


What is a complaint against a Councillor?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the actions of a Councillor that is covered under the Members’ Code of Conduct, affecting an individual resident or a group of residents of the district of Arun.

We will ask you to fill in the complaint form, giving full details of the problem. The form will ask you to look at which paragraphs of the Code that you think has/have been broken, and give you the opportunity to explain why. It is helpful if you provide as much information as possible - for example, meeting minutes and any correspondence.

If you need it, a member of staff will help you fill in the form. We expect all staff to treat complaints positively and to give you the help you need in explaining the problem. The complaint forms are available by telephoning us on Littlehampton (01903) 737601 or alternatively the form can be obtained by emailing us as follows:


What happens when your completed complaint form is received?

 Your complaint will be co-ordinated by the Monitoring Officer and her team, who will send you a written acknowledgement.

The complaint will be considered by the Assessment Panel, who will be able to call on the advice of an Independent Person, to decide what should happen next. You will be advised what the decision is as soon as possible after the Assessment Panel has made its decision.

Listed below are the Decision Notices with details of the outcome of current complaints.

Current complaints
Name of Councillor


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