Play area improvement works

Upcoming play area improvement works

We are preparing to undertake improvements at several play areas across the district, including Lashmar play area in East Preston and Hunters Mews play area in Fontwell. Also, in collaboration with Findon Parish Council, we will be making improvements to Homewood play area in Findon.

Previous play area improvements

We have previously undertaken work to improve some of the other play areas and skate parks across the district.

In 2021, in collaboration with Arundel Town Council, we carried out improvements to the skate park and play area at Canada Road in Arundel.

To improve the skate park the old metal skate ramps were upgraded to a new concrete facility, with a design that incorporates ramps with street-style furniture and features a stair set, a variety of ramps, a handrail and a layout that is fully inclusive to sports wheelchair users.

A range of new equipment was installed in the play area and on the wider public open space, including a zip wire, a new junior climbing unit, a basket swing and adventure trail equipment.