Damaged bus shelters

The Engineering team manages the maintenance and inspection of the 42 bus shelters for which the Council are responsible. They are maintained by our reactive maintenance team.  Clear Channel own 49 bus shelters and all other shelters, approximately 50 are owned and maintained by the Town and Parish Councils Litter from all shelters is cleared during a routine street sweeping program.

Faults and damage to bus shelters should be made known to the owner. The owners of each shelter can be identified from the  Arun district bus shelter schedule.pdf [pdf] 339KB. Clear Channel shelter display an 8 digit reference number which must be quoted when phoning to report issues. In the Arun District all Clear Channel reference numbers begin with 4802.
Faults to Arun owned bus shelters contact Arun District Council on 01903 737500
Faults to Clear Channel bus shelters can be passed directly to Clear Channel 24hr Damage Hotline on 0800 731 3699
Faults to Town and Parish Council owned shelters should be reported directly to the relevant Parish Clerk