Damaged bus shelters

Find out how to report damage to bus shelters.

Find the owner

There are three owners of bus shelters in our area:

  • we, Arun District Council, have 42
  • Clear Channel have 49
  • town and parish councils have around 50

You’ll need to report the damage to the right owner.

Find the right owner on the Arun district bus shelter schedule[pdf] 758KB

Contact the right people

Once you know who owns the bus stop, you can contact the right people to report the issue.

Arun District Council

Phone 01903 737500

Clear Channel (24 hours)

Phone 0800 731 3699

Clear Channel shelters have an 8 digit reference number – you’ll need to quote this number when you call.

You can find the number on the shelter – it will start 4802

Town and Parish councils

Find the relevant parish clerk.