Debt advice

Are you struggling to pay your rent or your mortgage? Do you have other debts or loans which are difficult to repay?

Follow these steps to tackle your debt problems:

  • don’t put it off – deal with it now!
  • get professional help as soon as you can (for example at the Citizens’ Advice Bureau), or a free debt advice agency.
  • prioritise which debts are the most important (keeping your home and those where legal action could be taken against you)
  • tell the people you owe money to that you are having difficulties – they may be able to help
  • make realistic repayment arrangements that you can afford, and stick to them!
  • don’t accept bigger loans to pay off other debts without getting professional advice 
  • visit the government’s Money Advice website for free, unbiased independent advice.
  • for national advice on  Money, tax, benefits, pensions and debt - DIRECTGOV advice
  • check the DWP advice for help with paying your Mortgage Interest: Support for Mortgage Interest Factsheet.pdf [pdf] 515KB

If you’re on a low income, or having financial problems, check if you qualify for any benefits You don’t have to be out of work to claim benefits and you could qualify for more than one.  Even if you already receive Housing Benefit, if it doesn’t cover your rent you may be able to get some extra money - called discretionary housing payment The Council might need more information to deal with your claim. Do seek advice from the Council or an independent adviser who may be able to assist you with making a claim; incomplete paperwork will hold up your claims. Tell the Housing Department what is going on and keep any correspondence.