Development sites and opportunities

Arun has a number of development sites and opportunities available. These have been identified as having the potential for development and are in line with the policies of the draft local plan. Some of these are greenfield sites i.e. Enterprise Bognor Regis or are prime locations such as town centre or seafront sites. The council is keen to work with developers to identify opportunities and development proposals that support our policy objectives and progress our regeneration plans for the district.

Developers charter and employment and skills plans

The Arun Developer and Partner Charter is an informal agreement between developers, education, skills and training providers, as well as local businesses and community groups. It was formed in order to explore and support opportunities arising from new regeneration projects in the district and is set around five main objectives:

  • raising average weekly wages in the area, which are currently lower than the county and regional average
  • raising educational attainment and skill levels, currently lower than the county and regional average
  • improving competitiveness and sustainability of the diverse range of small businesses in the area, which make up more than 80 per cent of the local business community
  • exciting residents, visitors and potential investors with the intentions, plans, progress and outcomes of developments
  • promoting good work practices in safe, secure and considerate environments 

The council is also introducing a supplementary planning document to facilitate the negotiated creation and implementation of Employment and Skills Plans for major developments which will help ensure local people have the best opportunity to access the new jobs being created. Regeneration can bring money and opportunity to an area but it is often companies and services that are not local to the area which benefit.

For more information please contact Miriam Nicholls by email: or call 01903 737845