District and population

Arun District is on the south coast, one of seven districts within West Sussex. The district is bordered by Chichester to the west, Horsham to the north, and Worthing and Adur to the east. The northern half of Arun District falls within the South Downs National Park (SDNP).

As well as featuring many miles of beautiful coastline the district is home to a number of vibrant towns, parishes and villages and the people and businesses within them. On this page you can find links to read facts and figures about population in the area. You can learn more about the district at Sussex by the Sea.

Census information

The census takes place every ten years in England and Wales. It helps the Government and local councils to plan and fund local services by building up a picture of the people who live in the area. The most recent census was carried out in 2021.

Our population increased by around 10% between the last two censuses (held in 2011 and 2021). The Office for National Statistic (ONS) has published a summary of some of the findings from the 2021 census.

Further details can be found at Census 2021 as well as the first results published on 28 June 2022 for phase one of Census 2021.

Ward profiles

You can download 2013 ward profiles for West Sussex which were updated in 2013. It contains statistical data for all of the electoral wards in West Sussex enabling you to compare data from one ward to another. Please be aware this Excel file contains macros. You will need to click on 'enable macros' when you open the file if you get prompted to do so.

Ward Profiles 2013.xlsx [xlsx] 1MB

Health information

Public Health England publish the annual Arun Health Profile. Topics include deprivation, life expectancy, early deaths, health inequalities by ethnic group and a summary of 32 health indicators comparing Arun with England and the South East. 

The Local Government Association’s LG Inform publish Health and Wellbeing in Arun: An Overview which provides facts and figures on various health topics.

Labour market statistics

Nomis is a free service provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) providing detailed labour market statistics. You can break this down to a local area such as a parish, ward, village or town. The website includes reports on population, employment, unemployment, qualifications, earnings, benefit claimants and businesses.

NOMIS official labour market statistics