Grounds Maintenance


Arun's Parks team works hard with various partners to ensure our parks and open spaces are looking great all year round.  Our Greenspace Management Contract includes upkeep of parks, cemeteries, repairs and maintenance to our 90+ play areas and the supply of beautiful plants for our bedding displays.


Grounds maintenance

The majority of the contract is carried out by Tivoli Group Ltd. The contract covers some 500 areas of parks and open space, ranging from small pockets of grass to large formal parks, cemeteries, play areas, Arun’s Council Housing land and countryside sites. The contract requires Tivoli to carry out a wide variety of maintenance tasks including grass cutting, litter collection, shrub pruning, hedge cutting, various sports pitch maintenance, bedding display planting and maintenance, and grave digging.
Arun Community Parks officers monitor the standards of the maintenance carried out by Tivoli, and regularly liaise with them to ensure that they meet the terms of their contract. Both parties have forged close working relationships over the last few years and this has been evident in the rise in maintenance standards across our parks and open spaces.

Play area repairs maintenance

All Arun owned play areas are covered by a maintenance contract carried out by Tivoli, who respond to repairs and maintenance issues within Arun’s play areas on a daily basis. Please contact our Parks Department on 01903 737951 or by email via if you come across any issues which need looking at in our parks