How the money is spent

When we receive money raised from Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) we allocate:

  • 5% for setup and admin costs of CIL
  • 15 to 25% to the town and parish councils of where the income was generated – to spend on infrastructure projects which support development in their area

This amount differs depending on whether the town or parish council has an adopted neighbourhood plan:

Allocation of CIL according to neighbourhood plan
Neighbourhood Plan Portion of Levy
Yes 25% uncapped
No 15% capped at £10 per dwelling


  •  The remaining 70 or 80% of the CIL income is allocated for strategic infrastructure as follows:
    • 70% - West Sussex County Council
    • 20% - Arun District Council
    • 10% - other

Last years’ CIL money

To see how much money was raised and how it was spent in the last year see Infrastructure Funding Statement and developer contributions.

Future CIL spending

We are currently working on producing an Infrastructure Investment Plan (IIP) which will prioritise which infrastructure projects may receive CIL funding via a 3 year rolling programme starting in April 2022.

The IIP will be a 'living' document that will be kept under review, updated and rolled forward each year to reflect how much money has been collected and how much CIL is predicted to be collected from development.

We are planning to submit our IIP for approval at our March 2022 Full Council meeting.  

For further information on the adoption of CIL, our governance and spending process and guidance for town and parish councils see our CIL adoption page.