Individual Cabinet Member Decisions



Cabinet Members are also able to take decisions on an individual basis where they have been delegated authority within the Council’s Constitution. Examples include the letting of a contract for works to Council properties or facilities; agreeing enforcement action and the award of grants within the responsibilities of the Cabinet Member's Portfoliuo area.  
The process allows for notice to be given in advance of a decision being taken and a decision notice is issued once the Cabinet Member has considered the officer’s report and signed off the decision.
Individual Cabinet Member Decisions
Decisions to be taken by Cabinet Members are set out in the table below:

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions 4

Decisions taken by Cabinet Members are set out in the table below:-


Individual Cabinet Member Decisions

Date of Decision
ICMS TAKEN 14 03 19.pdf [pdf] 179KB
ICMS TAKEN - 070319.pdf [pdf] 203KB
ICMS TAKEN - 280219.pdf [pdf] 134KB
ICMS TAKEN 210219.pdf [pdf] 125KB
ICMS TAKEN - 140219.pdf [pdf] 254KB
ICMS TAKEN - 070219.pdf [pdf] 216KB
ICMS TAKEN - 310119.pdf [pdf] 121KB
ICMS TAKEN 170119.pdf [pdf] 349KB
ICMS TAKEN 100119.pdf [pdf] 552KB
ICMS TAKEN 030119.pdf [pdf] 101KB
ICMS TAKEN 201218.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 131218.pdf [pdf] 259KB
ICMS TAKEN 061218.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS TAKEN 29 11 18.pdf [pdf] 103KB
ICMS TAKEN - 221118.pdf [pdf] 304KB
ICMS TAKEN 151118.pdf [pdf] 106KB
ICMS TAKEN 081118.pdf [pdf] 121KB
ICMS TAKEN 011118.pdf [pdf] 186KB
No Decisions Taken 251018
ICMS TAKEN 181018.pdf [pdf] 116KB
ICMS TAKEN 111018.pdf [pdf] 264KB
No Decisions Taken 041018
No Decisions Taken 270918
No Decisions Taken 200918
ICMS TAKEN 130918.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 060918.pdf [pdf] 961KB
No Decisions Taken - 300818
ICMs TAKEN 230818.pdf [pdf] 780KB
ICMS TAKEN 160818.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 090818.pdf [pdf] 795KB
ICMS TAKEN 020818.pdf [pdf] 8MB
ICMS TAKEN 260718.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 190718.pdf [pdf] 884KB
ICMS TAKEN 120718.pdf [pdf] 208KB
ICMS TAKEN 050718.pdf [pdf] 772KB
No Decisions Taken 280618
URGENT ICM TAKEN 210618.pdf [pdf] 849KB
No Decisions Taken 210618
ICMS TAKEN 140618.pdf [pdf] 615KB
ICMS TAKEN 070618.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 310518.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Urgent Cabinet Member Decision - 25 May 2018.pdf [pdf] 267KB
No Decisions Taken 240518
ICMS TAKEN 170518.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No Decisions Taken 100518
ICMS TAKEN 030518.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No Decisions Taken 260418
ICMS TAKEN 190418.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No Decisions Taken 120418
ICMS TAKEN 050418.pdf [pdf] 321KB
URGENT ICM TAKEN 290318.pdf [pdf] 284KB
ICMS TAKEN 290318.pdf [pdf] 832KB
No Decisions Taken 220318
No Decisions Taken 150318
ICMS TAKEN 080318.pdf [pdf] 392KB
ICMS TAKEN 010318.pdf [pdf] 524KB
ICMS TAKEN 220218.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 150218.pdf [pdf] 216KB
No Decisions Taken 080218
No Decisions Taken 010218
URGENT ICM TAKEN 310118.pdf [pdf] 2MB Please note that, since publication, this Decision is no longer Exempt.
ICMS TAKEN 250118.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 180118.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 110118.pdf [pdf] 304KB
ICMS TAKEN 040118.pdf [pdf] 7MB
ICMS TAKEN 211217.pdf [pdf] 727KB
URGENT ICM TAKEN 181217.pdf [pdf] 670KB
ICMS TAKEN 141217.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 071217.pdf [pdf] 1MB
No Decisions Taken 301117
No Decisions Taken 231117
ICMS TAKEN 161117.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No Decisions Taken 091117
No Decisions Taken 021117
No Decisions Taken 261017
ICMS TAKEN 191017.pdf [pdf] 198KB
ICMS TAKEN 121017.pdf [pdf] 223KB
ICMS TAKEN 051017.pdf [pdf] 693KB
ICMS TAKEN 280917.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 210917.pdf [pdf] 8KB
No Decisions Taken 140917
No Decisions Taken 070917
ICMS TAKEN 310817.pdf [pdf] 759KB
ICMs TAKEN 240817.pdf [pdf] 226KB
No decisions taken 170817
No decisions taken 100817
ICMS TAKEN 030817.pdf [pdf] 635KB
No decisions taken 270717
ICMs TAKEN 200717.pdf [pdf] 222KB
No Decisions Taken 130717
No Decisions Taken 060717
No Decisions Taken 290617
ICMS TAKEN 220617.pdf [pdf] 965KB
ICMS TAKEN 150617.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 080617.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 010617.pdf [pdf] 515KB
ICMs TAKEN 250517.pdf [pdf] 245KB
ICM TAKEN 18 05 17.pdf [pdf] 1MB
No Decisions Taken 110517
ICMs TAKEN 040517.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICM TAKEN 270417.pdf [pdf] 753KB
ICMS TAKEN 200417.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 130417 F.pdf [pdf] 244KB
ICM TAKEN 060417.pdf [pdf] 780KB
ICMS TAKEN 300317.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 230317.pdf [pdf] 4MB
ICMs TAKEN 160317.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs TAKEN 090317.pdf [pdf] 3MB
No decisions taken 020317
No decisions taken 230217
ICMS TAKEN 160217.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICM TAKEN 090217.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No decisions  taken  020217
ICMs TAKEN 260117.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 190117.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs TAKEN 120117.pdf [pdf] 823KB
ICMs TAKEN 050117.pdf [pdf] 835KB
ICMs TAKEN 221216.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs TAKEN 151216.pdf [pdf] 871KB
ICMs TAKEN 081216.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 011216.pdf [pdf] 7MB
No decisions taken on 241116
ICMS TAKEN 171116.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 101116.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMs TAKEN 031116.pdf [pdf] 857KB
ICMS TAKEN 271016.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs TAKEN 201016.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No decisions taken 131016
No decisions taken 061016
ICMs TAKEN 290916.pdf [pdf] 6MB
No decisions taken 220916
ICMs TAKEN 150916.pdf [pdf] 3MB
No decisions taken 080916
No decisions taken 010916
ICMs TAKEN 250816.pdf [pdf] 2MB  (Please note that subsequent to publication ICM020250816 was withdrawn due to a clerical error)
ICMS TAKEN 180816.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMs TAKEN 110816.pdf [pdf] 3MB
No Decisions to be taken on 040816
ICMs TAKEN 280716.pdf [pdf] 1MB
No Decisions taken on 210716
No Decisions taken on 140716
ICMs TAKEN 070716.pdf [pdf] 824KB
ICMs TAKEN 300616.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 230616.pdf [pdf] 822KB
ICMs TAKEN 160616.pdf [pdf] 3MB
No decisions taken 090616
ICMS TAKEN 020616.pdf [pdf] 828KB
ICMS TAKEN 260516.pdf [pdf] 719KB
ICMS TAKEN 190516.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 120516.pdf [pdf] 709KB
No decisions taken 050516
ICMS TAKEN 280416.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 210416.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 140416.pdf [pdf] 809KB
ICMS TAKEN 070416.pdf [pdf] 1MB
No decisions taken 310316
ICMS TAKEN 240316.pdf [pdf] 748KB
ICMS TAKEN 170316.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 100316.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 030316.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 250216.pdf [pdf] 6MB
ICMS TAKEN 180216.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 110216.pdf [pdf] 809KB
No decisions taken 040216
No decisions taken 280116
ICMS TAKEN 210116.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 140116.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 070116.pdf [pdf] 761KB
ICMS TAKEN 171215.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No decisions taken 101215
No decisions taken 031215
ICMS TAKEN 261115.pdf [pdf] 8MB
ICMS TAKEN 191115.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 121115.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No decisions taken 051115
ICMS TAKEN 291015.pdf [pdf] 777KB
No decisions taken 221015
ICMS TAKEN 151015.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 081015.pdf [pdf] 108KB
No decisions taken 011015
ICMS TAKEN 220915 URGENT.pdf [pdf] 143KB
ICMS TAKEN 170915.pdf [pdf] 351KB
ICMS TAKEN 100915.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS TAKEN 030915.pdf [pdf] 579KB
ICMS TAKEN 270815.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 200815.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS TAKEN 130815.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS TAKEN 060815.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 300715.pdf [pdf] 59KB
ICMS TAKEN 230715.pdf [pdf] 597KB
ICMS TAKEN 160715.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 090715.pdf [pdf] 595KB
ICMS TAKEN 020715.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS TAKEN 250615.pdf [pdf] 576KB
ICMS TAKEN 180615.pdf [pdf] 549KB
ICMS TAKEN 110615.pdf [pdf] 628KB
ICMS TAKEN 040615.pdf [pdf] 802KB
ICMS TAKEN 280515.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions 3

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions
Date of Meeting
ICMs Taken 230415.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMs Taken 160415.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs Taken 090415.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMs Taken 02 04 2015.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMs Taken 26 03 2015.pdf [pdf] 695KB
ICMs Taken 190315.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMs Taken 120315.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICM Decisions Taken 05 March 2015.pdf [pdf] 570KB
ICM Decisions taken 26 02 15.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICM Decisions Taken 19 02 15.doc [doc] 42KB
ICMs_Taken_120215.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs_Taken_050215.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs_Taken_290115.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICM Decision Taken 220115.pdf [pdf] 715KB
ICM Decisions Taken 150115.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICM Decisions Taken 080115.pdf [pdf] 569KB
ICM Decisions Taken 181214.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICM Decisions Taken 271114.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICM Decisions Taken 201114.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICM Decision Taken 131114.pdf [pdf] 610KB
ICM Decisions Taken 061114.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICM Decision Taken 301014.pdf [pdf] 599KB
ICM Decision Taken 231014.pdf [pdf] 299KB
ICM Decisions Taken 161014.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICM Decisions Taken 091014.pdf [pdf] 612KB
ICM Decisions Taken 02102014.pdf [pdf] 663KB
ICM Decisions Taken 250914.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM Decision Taken 180914.pdf [pdf] 648KB
ICM Decisions Taken 110914.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICM Decisions Taken 040914.pdf [pdf] 249KB
ICM Decisions Taken 210814.pdf [pdf] 5MB
ICM Decisions Taken 140814.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICM Decisions Taken 070814.pdf [pdf] 536KB
Icms_Taken_310714.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Icms_Taken_240714.pdf [pdf] 547KB
Icms_Taken_170714.pdf [pdf] 2MB
Icms_Taken_100714.pdf [pdf] 621KB
Icms_Taken_030714.pdf [pdf] 1007KB
No Decisions Taken 260614
Icms_Taken_190614.pdf [pdf] 3MB
Icms_Taken_050614.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS_TAKEN_290514.pdf [pdf] 588KB
No Decisions Taken 220515
ICMS_TAKEN_150514.pdf [pdf] 5MB
icms_taken_080514.pdf [pdf] 745KB
ICMS_TAKEN_010514.pdf [pdf] 576KB
ICMS_TAKEN_240414.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS_TAKEN_170414.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No Decisions Taken 100414
ICMS_TAKEN_030414.pdf [pdf] 628KB
ICMS_TAKEN_270314.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICM_TAKEN_20_MARCH_2014.pdf [pdf] 371KB
ICMS_TAKEN_130314.pdf [pdf] 3MB
No Decisions Taken 060314
ICMS_TAKEN_270214.pdf [pdf] 683KB
ICMS_TAKEN_200214.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Icms_Taken_130214.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMS_TAKEN_060214.pdf [pdf] 890KB
ICMS_TAKEN_30_JANUARY_2014.pdf [pdf] 735KB
ICMS_TAKEN_23_JANUARY_2014.pdf [pdf] 630KB
ICMS_TAKEN_16_JANUARY_2014.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS_TAKEN_090114.pdf [pdf] 588KB
ICMS_TAKEN_02_JANUARY_2014.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Individual Cabinet Member Decisions 2

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions
Date of Meeting
ICMS_TAKEN_19_DECEMBER_2013.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMS_TAKEN_12_DECEMBER_2013.pdf [pdf] 60KB
ICMS_TAKEN_05_DECEMBER_2013.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMsTAKEN 28 11 13.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No decisions taken 211113
No decisions taken 141113
ICMsTAKEN 07 11 13.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMsTAKEN 31 10 13.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMsTAKEN 24 10 13.pdf [pdf] 1MB
No Decision Taken 171013
ICMs_TAKEN_10 10 13.pdf [pdf] 2MB
No Decisions Taken 031013
ICMsTAKEN 26 09 13.pdf [pdf] 725KB
ICMSTAKEN 19 09 13.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMsTAKEN 12 09 13.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMS_TAKEN_05 09 13.pdf [pdf] 423KB
No Decisions Taken 290813
ICMsTAKEN 22 08 13.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMSTAKEN 15 08 13.pdf [pdf] 910KB
No Decisions Taken 080813
No Decisions Taken 010813
ICMsTAKEN 25 07 13.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMsTAKEN 18 07 13.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICM_TAKEN_11 07 13.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMDecisionsTaken 04 07 13.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMDecisionsTaken 27 06 13.pdf [pdf] 24MB
ICM_TAKEN_200613.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICM_TAKEN_130613.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMDecisionsTaken_060613.pdf [pdf] 4MB
ICMDecisionsTaken300513.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMs_Taken_230513.pdf [pdf] 5MB
ICMDecisionsTaken160513.pdf [pdf] 6MB
ICMS_Taken_090513.pdf [pdf] 755KB
ICMDecisionsTaken020513.pdf [pdf] 5MB
ICMsDecisionsTaken250413.pdf [pdf] 825KB
ICMDecisionsTaken180413.pdf [pdf] 12MB
ICMDecisionsTaken110413.pdf [pdf] 4MB
ICMDecisionTaken040413.pdf [pdf] 227KB
ICMDecision280313.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICM_Taken_210313.pdf [pdf] 4MB
ICMDecisionsTaken140313.pdf [pdf] 9MB
ICMsTaken07March2013.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMsTAKEN 28 02 13.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMDecisionsTaken210213.pdf [pdf] 882KB
ICMDecisionsTaken140212.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMDecisionsTaken070213.pdf [pdf] 10MB
ICMDecisionsTaken310113.pdf [pdf] 889KB
ICMsTaken240113.pdf [pdf] 11MB
ICMsTaken170113.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMsTaken100113.pdf [pdf] 221KB
ICMs_taken_030113.pdf [pdf] 833KB
ICMS Decisions Taken 20 December 2012.pdf [pdf] 476KB
No Decisions were taken on 13 December 2012
ICMsTaken061212.pdf [pdf] 681KB
ICMsTaken291112.pdf [pdf] 5MB
ICMsTaken221112.pdf [pdf] 801KB
ICMsTaken011112.pdf [pdf] 11MB
ICMsTaken251012.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMDsTaken181012.pdf [pdf] 17MB
ICMsTaken111012.pdf [pdf] 778KB
ICMsTaken041012.pdf [pdf] 56KB
ICMsDecisionsTaken270912.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMsDecisionsTaken200912.pdf [pdf] 362KB
ICMsDecisionsTaken130912.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMsDecisionsTaken060912.pdf [pdf] 10MB
ICMsDecisionTaken300812.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ICMsTaken230812.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ICMsTaken160812.pdf [pdf] 423KB
ICM_Decisions_Taken_09_08_12.pdf [pdf] 194KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_02_08_12.pdf [pdf] 286KB
ICM_decision_notices_issued_26_07_12.pdf [pdf] 509KB
ICMsTaken190712.pdf [pdf] 547KB
ICMsTaken120712.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ICMsTaken050712.pdf [pdf] 94KB
ICMs_Taken_28_June_2012.pdf [pdf] 906KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_14_06_12.pdf [pdf] 205KB 
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_07_06_12.pdf [pdf] 181KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_31_05_12.pdf [pdf] 4MB
ICMTaken240512.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_17_05_12.pdf [pdf] 751KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_10_05_12.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_03_05_12.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_26_04_12.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_19_04_12.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_12_04_12.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_05_04_12.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_29_03_12.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_22_03_12.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_15_03_12.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_08_03_12.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_01_03_12.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_23_02_12.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_16_02_12.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_09_02_12.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_02_02_12.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_26_01_12.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_19_01_12.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_12_01_12.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_05_01_12.pdf [pdf] 14KB

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions 1

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions
Date of Meeting
No Decisions taken on 29th December 2011
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_22_12_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_15_12_11.pdf [pdf] 18KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_08_12_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_01_12_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_24_11_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_17_11_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_10_11_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_03_11_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_27_10_11.pdf [pdf] 17KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_20_10_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_06_10_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_29_09_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_22_09_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_15_09_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_08_09_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_01_09_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_25_08_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_18_08_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_11_08_11.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_04_08_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_28_07_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_21_07_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_14_07_11.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_07_07_11.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_30_06_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_23_06_11.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_16_06_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_09_06_11.pdf [pdf] 17KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_02_06_11.pdf [pdf] 17KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_26_05_11.pdf [pdf] 17KB
NO ICMs Taken (19th May 2011)
NO ICMs Taken (12th May 2011)
NO ICMs Taken (5th May 2011)
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_28_04_11.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_21_04_11.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_14_04_11.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_07_04_11.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_31_03_11.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_24_03_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_17_03_11.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_10_03_11.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_03_03_11.pdf [pdf] 17KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_24_02_11.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_17_02_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_10_02_11.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_03_02_11.pdf [pdf] 19KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_20_01_11.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_13_01_11.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICM_Decision_Notices_Issued_06_01_11.pdf [pdf] 11KB
No Decisions Taken on 30th December 2010
No Decisions Taken on 23rd December 2010
ICMS Taken 16 12 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 09 12 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 02 12 10.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 25 11 10.pdf [pdf] 11KB
 ICMS Taken 18 11 10.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 11 11 10.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 04 11 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 28 10 10.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICMS Taken 21 10 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 14 10 10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 07 10 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 30 09 10.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 23 09 10.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 16 09 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 09 09 10.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 02 09 10.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 26 08 10.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 19 08 10.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 12 08 10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 05 08 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 29 07 10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 22 07 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 15 07 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 08 07 10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 01 07 10.pdf [pdf] 18KB
ICMS Taken 24 06 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 17 06 10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 10 06 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 03 06 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 27 05 10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 20 05 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 13 05 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 06 05 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 29 04 10.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICMS Taken 22 04 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 15 04 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 08 04 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 01 04 10.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 25 03 10.pdf [pdf] 9KB
ICMS Taken 18 03 10.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 11 03 10.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 04 03 10.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 25 02 10.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 18 02 10.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 11 02 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 04 02 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 28 01 10.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 21 01 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 14 01 10.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 07 01 10.pdf [pdf] 10KB
No Decisions taken on 31st December 2009
No Decisions taken on 24th December 2009
ICMS Taken 17 12 09.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 10 12 09.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 03 12 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 26 11 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 19 11 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 12 11 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 05 11 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 29 10 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 22 10 09.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 15 10 09.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 08 10 09.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 01 10 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 24 09 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 17 09 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 10 09 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 03 09 09.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 27 08 09.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 20 08 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 13 08 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 06 08 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 30 07 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 23 07 09.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 16 07 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 09 07 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 02 07 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 25 06 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 18 06 09.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 11 06 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 04 06 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 28 05 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 21 05 09.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICMS Taken 14 05 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 07 05 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 30 04 09.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 23 04 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 16 04 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 09 04 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 02 04 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 26 03 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 19 03 09.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 12 03 09.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 05 03 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 26 02 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 19 02 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 12 02 09.pdf [pdf] 9KB
ICMS Taken 05 02 09.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 29 01 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 22 01 09.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 15 01 09.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 08 01 09.pdf [pdf] 11KB
None Taken 1st January

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions 0

Individual Cabinet Member Decisions
Date of Meeting
None taken 25th December 2008
ICMS Taken 18 12 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 11 12 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 04 12 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 27 11 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 20 11 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 13 11 08.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 06 11 08.pdf [pdf] 9KB
ICMS Taken 30 10 08.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 23 10 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 16 10 08.PDF [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 09 10 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 02 10 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 25 09 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 18 09 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 11 09 08.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 04 09 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 28 08 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 21 08 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 14 08 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 07 08 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 31 07 08.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 24 07 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 17 07 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 10 07 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 03 07 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 26 06 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 19 06 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 12 06 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 05 06 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 29 05 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 22 05 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 15 05 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 08 05 08.pdf [pdf] 18KB
ICMS Taken 01 05 08.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 24 04 08.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 17 04 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 10 04 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 03 04 08.pdf [pdf] 9KB 
ICMS Taken 27 03 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 20 03 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 13 03 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 06 03 08.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 28 02 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 21 02 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 14 02 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 07 02 08.pdf [pdf] 9KB
ICMS Taken 31 01 08.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 24 01 08.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 17 01 08.pdf [pdf] 17KB
ICMS Taken 10 01 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 03 01 08.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 13 12 07.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 06 12 07.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 29 11 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 22 11 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 15 11 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 08 11 07.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 01 11 07.pdf [pdf] 9KB
ICMS Taken 25 10 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 18 10 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 11 10 07.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 04 10 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 27 09 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 20 09 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 13 09 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 06 09 07.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 30 08 07.pdf [pdf] 12KB
ICMS Taken 23 08 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 16 08 07.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 09 08 07.pdf [pdf] 45KB
ICMS Taken 02 08 07.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 26 07 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 19 07 07.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 12 07 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 05 07 07.pdf [pdf] 13KB
ICMS Taken 28 06 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 21 06 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 14 06 07.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 07 06 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 31 05 07.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 24 05 07.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 26 04 07.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICMS Taken 19 04 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 12 04 07.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 05 04 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 29 03 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 22 03 07.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 15 03 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 01 03 07.pdf [pdf] 14KB
ICMS Taken 22 02 07.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 15 02 07.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 08 02 07.pdf [pdf] 15KB
ICMS Taken 01 02 07.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 25 01 07.pdf [pdf] 8KB
ICMS Taken 18 01 07.pdf [pdf] 10KB
ICMS Taken 11 01 07.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 04 01 07.pdf [pdf] 4KB
ICMS Taken 21 12 06.pdf [pdf] 8KB
ICMS Taken 14 12 06.pdf [pdf] 8KB
ICMS Taken 07 12 06.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 30 11 06.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 23 11 06.pdf [pdf] 7KB
ICMS Taken 16 11 06.pdf [pdf] 8KB
ICMS Taken 09 11 06.pdf [pdf] 8KB
ICMS Taken 02 11 06.pdf [pdf] 8KB
ICMS Taken 26 10 06.pdf [pdf] 8KB
ICMS 19 10 06.pdf [pdf] 69KB
ICMS 12 10 06.pdf [pdf] 16KB
ICMS 28 09 06.pdf [pdf] 36KB
ICMS 21 09 06.pdf [pdf] 24KB
ICMS 14 09 06.pdf [pdf] 37KB
ICMS Taken 07 09 06.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS 31 08 06.pdf [pdf] 11KB
ICMS Taken 24 08 06.pdf [pdf] 59KB
ICMS Taken 17 08 06.pdf [pdf] 56KB
ICMS Taken 10 08 06.pdf [pdf] 59KB
ICMS Taken 03 08 06.pdf [pdf] 60KB
ICMS Taken 27 07 06.pdf [pdf] 29KB
ICMS Taken 20 07 06.pdf [pdf] 64KB
ICMS Taken 13 07 06.pdf [pdf] 24KB
ICMS Taken 06 07 06.pdf [pdf] 58KB
ICMS Taken 29 06 06.pdf [pdf] 54KB
ICMS Taken 22 06 06.pdf [pdf] 58KB
ICMS Taken 15 06 06.pdf [pdf] 56KB
ICMS Taken 08 06 06.pdf [pdf] 58KB
ICMS Taken 01 06 06.pdf [pdf] 64KB
ICMS Taken 25 05 06.pdf [pdf] 59KB
ICMS Taken 18 05 06.pdf [pdf] 61KB
ICMS Taken 11 05 06.pdf [pdf] 63KB
ICMS Taken 04 05 06.pdf [pdf] 59KB
ICMS Taken 27 04 06.pdf [pdf] 55KB
ICMS Taken 20 04 06.pdf [pdf] 55KB
ICMS Taken 13 04 06.pdf [pdf] 61KB
ICMS Taken 06 04 06.pdf [pdf] 57KB
ICMS Taken 30 03 06.pdf [pdf] 58KB
ICMS Taken 23 03 06.pdf [pdf] 61KB
ICMS Taken 16 03 06.pdf [pdf] 61KB
ICMS Taken 09 03 06.pdf [pdf] 31KB
ICMS Taken 02 03 06.pdf [pdf] 54KB
ICMS Taken 23 02 06.pdf [pdf] 62KB
ICMS Taken 16 02 06.pdf [pdf] 74KB
ICMS Taken 09 02 06.pdf [pdf] 55KB
ICMS Taken 02 02 06.pdf [pdf] 27KB
ICMS Taken 26 01 06.pdf [pdf] 61KB
ICMS Taken 19 01 06.pdf [pdf] 59KB
ICMS Taken 05 01 06.pdf [pdf] 25KB
ICMS Taken 21 12 05.pdf [pdf] 38KB
ICMS Taken 15 12 05.pdf [pdf] 53KB
ICMS Taken 08 12 05.pdf [pdf] 59KB
ICMS Taken 24 11 05.pdf [pdf] 57KB