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Following the lifting of the most recent Covid-19 restrictions on 2nd December 2020 the Prime Minister has announced that West Sussex including Arun District has been placed under Tier 2 restrictions. What this means generally can be found at

During this period the Private Sector Housing & Public Health team will however again be undertaking some site visits and property inspections where appropriate precautions are in place including appropriate distancing measures; however, the site visit and inspection regime will be on a more reduced basis than it is normally. Most visits and inspections will require the completion and return of an “Inspection Access Declaration Form” prior to the visit, which will help the team risk assess each situation and whether a site visit or inspection is appropriate and safe to be undertaken.

Any visits arranged during the pandemic may be subject to cancellation or change at short notice if there are changes to National, local or Council-directed policy, legislation or requirements or instigation of further or additional restrictions, or where it is considered that appropriate precautions and/or social-distancing cannot be achieved (and Officers’ have the discretion to end an inspection if they believe that any breaches or precautions aren’t being met). Staff continue to work from home and have limited or delayed access to incoming and outgoing postal mail, and correspondence is best via e-mail where possible.

These changes have been made to protect customers and staff and to try to reduce the likelihood of contracting or spreading the virus during these difficult times, and although this will not be a permanent arrangement it will continue for the foreseeable future.

As well as advice on Coronavirus available via other links on the Arun District Council website, the following links may also be of particular use in regards to Housing issues:

Moving Property?
A link regarding moving from/to a new property during the Coronavirus restrictions for Private Sector Tenants.
A link regarding moving from/to a new property or Halls of Residence for Students during the Coronavirus restrictions.


Arun District Council jointly with the National Landlords Association holds forums for private landlords to meet with each other and the authority. The aim of these forums is to give landlords the opportunity to get together to raise issues of concern, exchange views and opinion and provide support to each other. In turn, it gives us as a local authority a platform from which to update landlords on changes in legislation, developments within the council and other issues that may be relevant.

Landlords’ Forum
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak no meetings will be held until further notice.

If you would like to attend the next meeting, be added to the mailing list, or for further information, please email