Business grants and funding

Grants from Arun District Council

The following grants are currently available to businesses within the Arun district which meet the qualifying criteria set out in the application form. 

Please note: All COVID-19 related grants have now ended.

Shopfront enhancement grants

Business property owners and tenants are encouraged to apply for a grant for external property improvement works to enhance the streetscape of shops and businesses in Arundel, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton.

The quality of shopfronts is important to the character of the district and the vitality of local business and retailing.


The grant scheme is available to assist business property owners to invest in their buildings and improve the quality of the building stock in the district. This will make our towns and villages more attractive for people to visit and invest, shop and live in. Therefore, it is important that improvements carried out within this scheme are appropriate to the character and age of the building. High standards of materials and workmanship are expected, especially within conservation areas.


We are interested in funding projects which:

  • improve the complete street facing property façade
  • impact positively on the overall streetscape/townscape                                                 
  • renovate prominent buildings or blocks of buildings, consequently achieving greater impact for the townscape
  • repair/reinstate traditional architectural/historic features of a building, using traditional materials (if appropriate)
  • provide a high-quality design element to modern buildings

Priority will be given to projects that will enhance the complete front elevation of the building.

Works to the side or rear of a building will only be funded if they are clearly visible from the street and if they are associated with an overall project which includes improvements to the front façade of the same building.


This scheme allows owners of business properties within the district to apply for shopfront improvement grants. Tenants must also apply with permission from the property owner or agent.

Only one application per property will be assessed. Where an individual wishes to apply for works to more than one property, separate applications must be submitted for each property address.

Priority will be given to independent retailers.

The applicant must sign up for our amazing one to one retail support.

You cannot claim retrospectively for funding towards recently completed projects.


The grant offered will fund 50% of project costs up to a maximum of £2,000. Applicants must fund 50% of the project costs up to the maximum award and any further costs.

There is no minimum level of grant award.

For example


Total Cost of works

Maximum grant value

Applicant contribution
















We will not fund:

  • statutory fees
  • architect/consultant fees
  • professional fees (e.g., solicitor / surveyor)
  • insurances
  • interest
  • timescales

It is in your best interest to make sure all the required information is supplied with the application so it can be assessed. Incomplete applications will not be assessed.

We will let you know the outcome when your application has been assessed.

You must not commence your project. Retrospective applications will not be assessed.

Applications will be accepted until all funding has been spent.

Assessment criteria

Assessment of applications and allocation of funding is a competitive process, with all applications considered on their merits.

We hold ultimate discretion over how the scheme is operated and reserve the right to enhance assessment criteria if the number of applications exceeds the funds available.

Eligible works

Only items that will enhance the exterior, street facing element of the property are eligible for funding. No interior works are eligible. We will consider all minor property enhancement works and encourage larger scale projects, especially new shop fronts with the relevant statutory consent.

Examples of eligible items:

  • external painting
  • new/replacement rainwater goods (RWG)
  • fascia, soffit, bargeboard repairs
  • windowsill repairs (wooden/masonry)
  • repairs to timber doors/windows
  • removal of redundant signage, shutters, wiring, alarms etc.
  • removal of vegetation from guttering
  • new windows/doors (with appropriate consent)
  • traditional timber shop-front repairs
  • stone or masonry repairs/repointing
  • signage replacement (like-for-like)
  • new signage (with planning permission)
  • new shop fronts (with planning permission)
  • new awnings (with planning permission)
  • replacement feature lighting to signs (new lighting may require planning permission)
  • repairs of decorative features
  • access improvements such as disabled access (with appropriate consent)

This list is not exhaustive and can include any other minor frontage improvements that you can demonstrate will enhance the overall appearance of the streetscape.


Quotations for all labour and materials included in the application must be submitted. Each quotation must include name and contact details of the person/company providing the labour/materials and must be on letter headed paper. A minimum of 2 quotations must be submitted.

If the applicant plans to undertake work themselves, only the cost of materials can be included, and these should be submitted as a simple list with their individual cost.


The applicant, agent and/or contractor is responsible for all risks in connection with public or employer liability associated with the building works.

Statutory consent

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make enquiries as to whether any statutory consent is required for their project and ensure the relevant applications are made, including planning permission, building control and listed buildings permission.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all statutory approvals required are legally complied with. A ‘Certificate of Lawful Use or Development’ may be requested to prove that planning consent is not required if there is any uncertainty.

Payment of grant funding

Do not start your project you have received confirmation that your grant has been awarded. We will not retrospectively fund projects.

Grant funding will only be released for payment following inspection of the property by the council. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify us when works have been completed so they can arrange inspection.


  1. Book in your one to one retail support appointment
  2. Seek written quotation(s) from your chosen contractor
  3. Take photographs of your property
  4. Create an online account on
  5. Apply for a ‘Shopfront Enhancement Grant’
  6. Complete the online application form
  7. Wait for a response before commencing
  8. If approved, instruct your workman
  9. Submit evidence of competition (receipt, payment evidence and photos)
  10. We will pay you the awarded grant

Apply for a shopfront enhancement grant

Grants from external sources

There are often a wide range of grants available from different support organisations for different purposes. We've put together a list of these grants along with links so you can read more and apply for them.

If you have further questions regarding business grants please contact Miriam by email: or phone: 01903 737845.

A monthly newsletter to businesses is also available to keep you up to date with local business news and opportunities such as grants.