Lidsey Waste Water Treatment Catchment Area

The Lidsey Waste Water Treatment Catchment Area is an area of the district that lies in the catchment area of the Lidsey Waste Water Treatment Works and covers areas in Barnham, Eastergate, Flansham, Fontwell (North of the A27 above the racecourse and South of the A27), Middleton on Sea , Norton, Nyton, Slindon, Walberton, Westergate, Woodgate and Yapton. These communities have been experiencing foul water flooding of roads and property which has led to the pollution of watercourses. This is assumed to have been caused by the sewerage system being overloaded, as a result of ground water infiltration and surface water inundation of the sewerage system, which compromises its functioning as it is not designed to accept surface water drainage which should be dealt with by appropriate land drainage. Flooding has also occurred, possibly due to increased surface runoff overloading capacity in the main river network and its tributaries.

West Sussex County Council, in a partnership with Southern Water, Arun District Council, the Environment Agency and Local groups have undertaken a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) for the Lidsey Waste Water Treatment Works Catchment area in order to identify the key reasons for these events and to identify measures to help reduce or resolve them. 

This is a map of the catchment area: Lidsey Treatment Catchment area [pdf] 2MB

Development  within this catchment area  will be required to take account and contribute to the improvement of the existing sewage and drainage network, in line with the actions identified in the Surface water Management Plan.  WSCC Surface Water Management Plan [pdf] 6MB

Further information about the  planning policy for this area can be found in the Local Plan