Members' Allowances

The rules concerning allowances and expenses for council members are set out in Part 9 of Arun District Council's constitution. This webpage provides detailed information on expenses, including records of actual amounts claimed each year.


Which allowances are paid?

Allowances vary depending on responsibilities undertaken, such as committee membership, and are detailed within Part 9.  

We also reimburse expenses for items such as travel and subsistence.  

Travel expenses include:

  • Travel to and from council meetings, including committees and working parties.
  • Travel to and from meetings with relevant officers.
  • Undertaking related duties.

Travel expenses are currently set at 45p per mile for a car journey, and members are encouraged to car share where possible or use public transport.  Public transport is reimbursed at cost, with receipts required.  We only reimburse taxi fares where the journey was of an urgent nature or other public transport was unavailable. 

Subsistence is based on actual cost incurred and receipts must be provided whenever possible.  

How can I view payments made to Arun District Councillors under this scheme?

The Council is required to publish details of the payments made to Councillors under the Members' Allowances Scheme in respect of the Basic Allowance, Special Responsibility Allowance, Carers' Allowance, Travel and Subsistence Allowance, IT Allowance and Co-optees Allowance on an annual basis.

To view the public notice for 2019/20 click here Schedule of Annual Payments to Councillors - 2019-2020.pdf [pdf] 301KB

To view the public notice for 2018/19 click here  Members' Allowances - Schedule of Annual Payments - 2018-19.pdf [pdf] 281KB

To view the public notice for 2017/2018 click here  Notice - payments made in 2017-18.pdf [pdf] 58KB

To view the public notice for 2016/2017 click here  Notice - payments made in 2016-2017.pdf [pdf] 73KB

To view the public notice for 2015/2016 click here  Notice - payments made in 2015-2016 .pdf [pdf] 62KB

To view the public notice for 2014/2015 click here  Members Allowances Annual Notice 2014 2015.pdf [pdf] 149KB

To view the public notice for 2013/2014 click here  Annual Schedule of Members' Allowances Payments for 2013 2014.pdf [pdf] 56KB

To view the public notice for 2012/2013 click here  Annual Notice of Members Allowances Payments for 2012 2013.pdf [pdf] 66KB

To view notices from previous years, view the archived members' allowances notices.


What payments do Parish Councillors receive?

New arrangements were introduced in 2003 for the payment of allowances for members of Parish Councils.  The Regulations allow Parish Councils to:

  • Choose to pay their members an allowance, known as the 'parish basic allowance' to recognise the time and effort they put into their parish duties
  • Choose to pay its members travel and subsistence allowances

Allowances are discretionary and if paid, they should be based on the recommendations of the Parish Remuneration Panel set up by the District Council.

Parish Remuneration Panel report March 2010.pdf [pdf] 41KB 

You can also view archived Parish Remuneration Panel reports.


Independent Remuneration Panel Report

The Council is required to maintain an Independent Remuneration Panel to make recommendations about the allowances to be paid to its Members, including the Basic Allowance, Special Responsibility Allowances, Travel and Subsistence and  Carers and Co-optee Allowances.  It consists of representatives from the community and business sector.  The Panel has concluded eight reviews to date.  Its latest report was considered at a Special Meeting of the Audit & Governance Committee on 2 July 2019 and the recommendations of the Committee were considered and agreed by Full Council at its meeting held on 17 July 2019.  A number of amendments were put and agreed at the Full Council Meeting.

IRP FINAL REPORT 2019 - as at 3 July 2019.docx [docx] 100KB  to view the Minutes from meetings of the Audit and Governance Committee and Full Council - please go to these web pages.

Seventh Review Report from the Independent Remuneration Panel dated September 2013.pdf [pdf] 103KB

Extract from the Minutes of the Audit & Governance Committee of 26 September 2013 - Report from the Independent Panel.pdf [pdf] 29KB

Extract from Full Council Minutes of 23 October 2013 - Seventh Review of the Members Allowances Scheme Resolved Recommendations.pdf [pdf] 29KB

In accordance with the Local Authorities (Members' Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003, Arun District Council has amended its scheme of allowances to increase the Members' Basic Allowance to £5,481 based on the recommendation of an Independent Remuneration Panel, confirmed at the Full Council Meeting held on 17 July 2019 and in line with the recent staff pay award.  No other changes have been made to the payment of allowances at this time. 

We also hold archived Independent Remuneration Panel reports.


Archived Members' Allowances annual notices

Annual Notice of Members' Allowances Payments for 2011 to 2012.pdf [pdf] 65KB

Members Allowances Annual Notice 2010 2011.pdf [pdf] 62KB

Members Allowances Annual Notice 2009 2010.pdf [pdf] 68KB

Members Allowances Annual Notice 2008 2009.pdf [pdf] 72KB

Members Allowances Annual Notice 2007 2008.pdf [pdf] 49KB

Members Allowances Annual Notice 2006 2007.pdf [pdf] 69KB

Members Allowances Annual Notice previous.pdf [pdf] 383KB


Archived Independent Remuneration Panel reports and related documents

Independent Panel's Travel and Subsistence Allowances Report as amended by Full Council on 9th November 2011.pdf [pdf] 48KB

Extract from Full Council Minutes 9th November 2011.pdf [pdf] 17KB

Members Allowances Annual Notice following 2011 review.pdf [pdf] 17KB

2009 independent remuneration panel report.pdf [pdf] 56KB and Appendix 2.pdf [pdf] 17KB

Minutes of Governance Committee 9 July 2009.pdf [pdf] 32KB and updated Appendix 2.pdf [pdf] 22KB

2007 independent remuneration panel report.pdf [pdf] 137KB

2006 independent remuneration panel report.pdf [pdf] 57KB


Archived Parish Remuneration Panel reports

Parish Remuneration Panel report October 2003.pdf [pdf] 34KB 

Parish Remuneration Panel report 2007.pdf [pdf] 137KB