A Neighbourhood Plan arrives in Aldingbourne


Arun District Councillors have agreed to approve the Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans give people a say in shaping development in their area and allows them to consider the types of houses, businesses and green spaces they want in their area in order to help it thrive.

Councillor Ricky Bower, Arun District Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Infrastructure, said: “I am delighted that yet another parish in Arun district has voted in favour of a Neighbourhood Plan and that it has also been agreed by Councillors at Full Council.

“It is very pleasing that Arun District Council continues to lead the way when it comes to having more Neighbourhood Plans ‘made’ than any other council in the country, with Aldingbourne becoming the 14th in our district.

“This is an excellent example of people in Arun embracing the concept of local democracy.”

Seventeen parishes applied to have Neighbourhood Plans and 14 have now been approved.

The turnout of the referendum in Aldingbourne, which took place on Tuesday, 18 October, was 23.99%, and out of those who voted 93.48% voted in favour of a ‘yes.’

The Neighbourhood Plan was agreed at Full Council on Wednesday, 9 November.

For more information visit Neighourhood Plan referendum page