Council’s customers become more web savvy

Arun District Council’s customers are increasingly using the Council’s website according to figures provided by Arun’s Customer Services Service. The Council is carrying out a programme called 2020 Vision which, among other things, aims to provide more digital opportunities for customers to make dealing with the Council easier and more convenient  

One way Arun is meeting this aim is by giving the customer the opportunity to pay for as many services as possible online, including Housing rent, Council Tax, parking permits and event licences. There are many more payment options available by visiting the Arun Website, as well as help and advice for those who need financial assistance. Customers can also view on the Council’s website planning applications that have been submitted to Arun.

Councillor Paul Wotherspoon, Arun District Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: “Whilst it is important that Arun remains accessible for all, people do now expect there to be an online option available.

“By allowing customers to pay their bills online it means that the Council’s staff in the Contact Centre can perform other duties and  Arun can become more efficient which helps keep the level of Council Tax charged as low as possible.  As a result of the improved web site accessibility customers can receive excellent customer service without leaving their home by using their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.”

Over the last four months, the Council received more than 45,000 planning enquiries online and over 20,000 housing enquiries through its website. Some services such as parking enquiries are very seasonal and these went up by 60% over the summer months.

The Customer Services Quarterly Report was presented to the Housing and Customer Services Working Group on Thursday, 24 November.  

The Council was a partner at the first-ever Digital Tea Party at Littlehampton Library on Thursday, 6 October, which saw over 100 members of the public  bring their laptops, smart phones and tablets to the event with a list of challenges they wanted to tackle online.

Councillor Wotherspoon added: “I very much hope that Arun runs similar events in the future as there is sufficient demand.”

The event was run in partnership with West Sussex County Council, Arun District Council, Barclays Digital Eagles and O2.