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Enjoy the beach, but be safe...

Beach safety services

With the summer holidays not far away, and the hope and dream of some nice weather to go with it, it is time to talk about safety by the water.

The amazing RNLI lifeguards are on duty at Littlehampton seven days a week 10am to 6pm and in Bognor Regis at weekends 10am to 6pm. Our own beach patrol team are also on duty in Littlehampton to provide first aid, assist with lost children and adults and take in lost and found items (seven days a week 10am to 6pm), and in Bognor Regis, west of the Bandstand carrying out the same duties, seven days a week 10amd to 4.30pm.

Be sea-safe

We are asking those visiting the beach to be sea-safe, especially in the dangerous river-mouth area in Littlehampton. The first bay, between the pier and the groins by the river mouth is a NO SWIM area, but at the weekend we had issues with the public swimming in this area, despite warnings and requests not to do so.

Bathing, paddling and use of watercraft equipment is banned in this area for public safety. RNLI lifeguards have warnings in place there to inform people of these dangers and to show the safe bathing area between the red and yellow flags a few bays to the east along the promenade.

Seagulls don’t need feeding!

If you are visiting the coast, please do not feed the seagulls! Fish and chips or bread crusts are not good for seagulls to eat! It also encourages them to attack people with food causing possible injuries, loss of food just purchased from the local traders and a frightening experience. This may not seem an important issue if it hasn’t happened to you, but please think about the health of the seagulls and the budget and safety of those enjoying their chips!