Owners of a mobile home site agree licence conditions


mobile home The owners of a mobile home site have agreed to comply with the conditions of their licence, after withdrawing an appeal on the day it was due to be heard at tribunal.

In December 2016, Arun District Council granted a residential mobile home site licence to Orchard Park in Rustington.

In January the following year, Rustington Management Ltd, which runs the park, lodged an appeal challenging several of the conditions which had been included in the licence.

Typical conditions of a site licence include spacing requirements to prevent fire spread, ensuring sufficient space and privacy, provision of suitable, illuminated and maintained access roadways and paths, and that each unit is provided with facilities for supply of water, electricity and disposal of foul water.

Arun District Council reviewed the conditions of the licence and in June 2017 suggested changes to some of the conditions.

The appeal was due to be heard at the first tier tribunal in Havant on August 30, but immediately before the scheduled hearing, the owner accepted all the conditions of the licence imposed by the Council after both parties agreed a note of clarification could be added to one condition.

As a result, the appeal by the site owner was withdrawn so the conditions proposed by the Council on the residential site licence will remain.

Councillor Andy Cooper, Chairman of the Licensing Committee at Arun District Council, said: “The purpose of the site licensing regime is to ensure the health; safety and amenity of these sites are maintained for the benefit of residents and any others who may be affected by a mobile home site.

“This is a good outcome for the Council as the regulatory controls we sought have been retained within the site licence. It’s also a good result for residents of the site as the licencing conditions make it clear who has legal responsibility as the site owner and what those responsibilities are.”