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Roof running warning

Roof Running


Roof running is a risk that's not worth taking.

Read below an account from a victim and the parent of the victim.

The Victim: 

" I went to retrieve my football from the back of a shop roof not thinking of the danger. I was just walking along as it was a flat roof and then all of a sudden I went crashing through onto a concrete floor. I hit my back first and then bashed my head. 

I was very lucky, but if I couldn't walk because of that fall I would have hated it. That would have been my life restricted for some time or forever. Next time if that happens, I'll leave the football on the roof." 

The parent: 

I'm so thankful that it wasn't a more serious outcome. I knew someone else who fell through a roof and wasn't so lucky. He had brain damage and had to learn to walk and talk again, it was a long road to recovery and he almost lost his life. 

Tom has promised he will be staying away from rooftops in the future."