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Wild Wednesday - Purple laver

Text: Wild Wednesday Purple Laver. Sand background with animated green leaves surrounding, an image of the purple laver seaweed, a brown/purple colour with shiny shard-like leaves over a rock.

A common seaweed found in Britain and Ireland, found all year around, on rocky coasts where its purple brownish ‘leaves’ attach to the rock securely. It is found in either singularly or in colonies and can tolerate lengthy periods of air exposure between each tide.

Its scientific name is Porphyra umbilicalis.

It is greenish in colour when young becoming purplish-red as it matures, and has a thin polythene-like texture, which varies in shape.

Purple laver is a favourite food in parts of Wales, used to make laver bread, boiled to make jelly, or rolled in oatmeal and fried in bacon fat. In Cornwall, it is often served cold, soaked in vinegar.

Known as a superfood as it is rich in many vitamins and iodine, which supports thyroid health . As like other seaweeds, laver is known for its anti-cancer and anti-viral benefits. It’s can improve gut health and is recommended for people suffering from certain types of digestive ailments.

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Image: Judith Oakley/JNCC (published on the MarLIN website)