Windmill Entertainment Centre update 29.09.23 | Latest news


Windmill Entertainment Centre update 29.09.23

Windmill Entertainment Centre update 29.09.23

We are aware of the frustrations of the organisations that are wishing to resurrect their operations using the Windmill Entertainment complex.

We can assure you that Freedom Leisure continue to be in regular communication with all users of the Windmill.

We know and understand that they are keen to have confirmed potential timelines for reopening of the facility. We are also aware that users are keen to know whether an interim, part-opening of the facility is viable. These suggestions will be considered when all information needed to inform a decision is available.

In considering any part-opening, we must prioritise the health and safety of all users, contractors and staff and therefore must satisfy ourselves that the building can be operated safely and compliantly.

We also need to fully consider the timing and impact of the forthcoming demolition of the Harvester site which is now anticipated for the third week of October. In the meantime, the asbestos that needed to be removed from a damaged ceiling in the windmill has been removed and we hope to be able to mobilise the repairs very shortly.  We hope to be in a position in the next couple of weeks to confirm when we anticipate these will be complete and confirm an anticipated reopening date.