Other activities

Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

Workshop with Site promoters/owners                                          

25th July 2019

The key objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To inform site promoters on the requirements of the updated NPPF and PPG and developer/ scheme performance
  2. To outline the impact on the 5 year Housing Land Supply and Housing Delivery Test result and the need to speed up completions and projected delivery (including input to an Action Plan)
  3. To explain the information which we need from site promoters when completing the HELAA update forms
  4. To understand the key issues which are causing the delivery of the sites to be delayed and what potential solutions there may be – to improve the HELAA and inform an Action Plan
  5. To emphasise the importance of the pre-apps/applications process in order to ensure a deliverable site eg. Masterplanning of the scheme, unambiguous viability studies etc.

ADC HELAA workshop presentation 250719.pdf [pdf] 1MB
Agenda ADC HELAA workshop 250719.pdf [pdf] 126KB
All groups notes workshop 25 July 2019.pdf [pdf] 161KB

Duty to co-operate

Duty to Cooperate Statement 2015.pdf [pdf] 7MB
Duty to Cooperate Statement addendum main mods [pdf] 328KB

Coastal West Sussex and Greater Brighton partnership

Memorandum of Understanding

ADCED51 MOU Adur Worthing.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ADCED52 MOU South Downs National Park.pdf [pdf] 887KB
ADCED66 MOU LEGA.pdf [pdf] 595KB
ADCED73 MOU Southern Water.pdf [pdf] 297KB
ADCED78 MOU Chichester_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Statement of Common Ground

ADCED54 SoCG Fontwell redacted SoCG.pdf [pdf] 713KB
ADCED65 West Bank SoCG Littlehampton West Bank.pdf [pdf] 316KB
ADCED69 SoCG Ford.pdf [pdf] 411KB
ADCED70 SOCG Pagham North.pdf [pdf] 384KB
ADCED70a SOCG Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 3MB
ADCED70b SOCG Appendix 2_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 699KB
ADCED71 SOCG Climping_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 2MB
ADCED74 SOCG BEW_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 1MB
ADCED80 SOCG West of Bersted_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 349KB
ADCED84 SOCG Pagham North.pdf [pdf] 287KB
ADCED84a SOCG Pagham North Appendix 1.pdf [pdf] 7MB
ADCED84b SOCG Pagham North Appendix 2_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 702KB
ADCED85 SOCG Pagham South.pdf [pdf] 229KB
ADCED85a SOCG Pagham South Appendix 1_Redacted.pdf [pdf] 698KB
ADCED86 SOCG Yapton.pdf [pdf] 48KB

ADCED75 Position Statement on Flood Risk.pdf [pdf] 447KB