Personal Searches


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are continuing to operate restricted access to the Arun District Council Civic Centre and therefore Personal Search Agents are still unable to access the building.

Please email your address(es) to requesting a Personal Search and we will carry this out on your behalf, at no cost. We will email you back the same information that is provided on the Personal Search mapping system. This service will be provided until further notice.

There has been a considerable increase in the volume of personal searches we are currently receiving. We are dealing with the requests in the order they are received, and the current turnaround time for the Personal Searches is approximately 5 working days.

We appreciate your patience in this matter and will keep you informed of any further changes.

Update regarding the revised CON29 forms

Please see the CON29 access spreadsheet 2016 [pdf] 67KB explaining how CON29 related data can be accessed, as well as some information relating to specific questions below (the cost for West Sussex County Council information has been increased, please contact them for up to date fees):

Question 3.3. Drainage Matters

(a) A GIS layer showing applications approved by the Council which have specific SuDS conditions has only been recorded by Arun District Council since 6th April 2015.  For properties falling within the South Downs National Park SuDs information has only been specifically recorded by Arun District Council since 1st July 2016. This layer is only available for inspection at the Civic Centre, reception area, on the mapping system used for personal searches of the Register.

(b) Applications with a suffix of DOC also appear on this layer and the documents attached to the application contained within the planning system can be inspected to ascertain the answer to this question.

(c) This question should be referred to the vendor.

Question 3.7.(g) Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management

A GIS layer showing notices issued by Arun District Council will be available for inspection at the Civic Centre, reception area, on the mapping system used for personal searches of the Register.

West Sussex County Council should also be contacted regarding notices that they may have served.

It is possible that the Environment Agency may also issue notices therefore you may wish to contact them at

Question 3.10. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

On 15 January 2020, Arun District Full Council approved the Arun CIL Charging Schedule.  The CIL Charging Schedule and the Planning Policy Sub-Committee report (of 17 December 2019), which sets out the modifications made to the Draft Charging Schedule, as recommended by the CIL Examiner, are published at The Arun CIL Charging Schedule and the Instalments Policy will come into effect in Arun from 1 April 2020.

It is anticipated that applications containing CIL liability will be made available on the Personal Search mapping system, where CIL is identified a report can be requested via email ( to answer Q.3.10.


award notice The Local Land Charges Register is available for inspection from our Mapping System, accessible through the computers made available to you in the Arun District Council reception.

We no longer require Personal Search companies to book an appointment, or to send us the addresses you will be searching. Instead, you are free to come in and inspect the register any time that is suitable for yourselves or your agents (within the usual opening hours of the Council).

All we ask is that you register your attendance on your arrival, with the amount of properties you are searching (we do not need to know what properties, just how many). This register will be held on the Planning reception (desk number 7), you do NOT need to use the automated system by the main door. Please can this be signed, either on arrival, or if the Planning Reception is busy, when you are ready to leave.

This search facility links to Arun District Council's Local Land Charges database, using the newly available mapping software. This replaces the previous Personal Search facility of inspecting the hardcopy plans and registration cards, which are no longer available. This mapping software can be used to search for all properties within the Arun District and to inspect all registrations previously revealed on the maps (not including planning applications Approved Conditionally from 01-08-1977, these can be found when inspecting the Planning History). A copy of the guide to using this software is available below; this is the same information that will be explained to you on your first time using the software:

Personal Search Guide.pdf [pdf] 161KB 

Suggested Search Process on WME

  1. Navigate to the mapping system through the link on the Personal Searches page
  2. Open the gazetteer and search for your property using the various search fields
  3. Click once on the address you require
  4. Click OK to close dialogue box
  5. Select the I - Tool and click on your property
  6. It is suggested you write down this information for future reference
  7. Click on each registration link to bring up any further details. There is also a link to the back office data relating to each registration.
  8. Click the URL - click to show link, which will reveal the registration data
  9. This information can then be written down, as was the case with the hard copy registration cards.
  10. Now either close this window and continue onto the next registration, or type the next reference from your list into the Enter Charge Reference field
  11. To see the full extent of a registration, after selecting the item (which will now be red hatched), close all the dialogue boxes, then use the Zoom to Selection Tool from the Zoom drop down.
  12. Once you have finished searching for your properties please close down the WME GIS software and return to the front page.

We respectfully remind personal searchers that it is their sole responsibility to interpret the Local Land Charges registrations and enquiries in this respect should not be addressed to staff in the Local Land Charges section.

In accordance with Statutory Instrument No 1812, we do not charge for inspections of the Local Land Charges Register.

The same Highways information is available to Personal Search companies as to Local Authorities, at the same cost and response time. Contact Highways at West Sussex County Council with your requests. For drainage enquiries, contact Southern Water.

When visiting the Council Offices, the link below will take you to our Mapping system where you can inspect our records under the Environmental Information Regulations (known as EIR). This link will only work on the computers made available to you when visiting reception. For any company visiting us for the first time, we can provide assistance in addition to the written instructions.