Personal searches

The Local Land Charges Register is available for inspection on our mapping system.

We will require you to book an appointment and you will not be permitted to enter either venue without one.

Book your appointment

On the day of your appointment please send the addresses being searched in a single email to

This system can be used to search for all properties within the district. This enables inspection of all registrations held against those properties, except for planning applications approved conditionally from 1 August 1977. These can be found when inspecting the planning history.

Suggested Search Process

  1. Use the link at the bottom of this page to open the mapping system. This will open in a new tab.
  2. Select the Personal Searches map.
  3. Accept any cookies if necessary.
  4. Select What would you like to do? in the top left corner.
  5. Turn on the required layers in Map Features
    • Part 1-11
    • Additional Information
    • South Downs NP
  6. Use the search bar to enter the property address. For searches on land use a nearby property or zoom in on the map.
  7.  Click on the property or land on the map. For large areas of land you may need to look at several locations.
  8. The list of registrations will appear. You should write down any information for future reference.
  9. Click on Show more to bring up further details. There is also a link to the back-office database (Link to Ocella Portal) relating to each registration
  10. Once you have finished searching, close the Arun Maps tab. Do not close the entire window.
    Personal searches and Arun Map tabs
  11. If you do accidentally close all windows, please restart the computer after your session has ended.

We remind personal searchers that it is their sole responsibility to interpret the Local Land Charges registrations and to note down any information they wish to retain.

In accordance with Statutory Instrument  2010 No 1812, we do not charge for inspections of the Local Land Charges Register.

For Highways information please contact West Sussex County Council Highways.

For drainage enquiries please contact Southern Water.

A search of the competent person register is available on our competent person scheme page.


When visiting our offices, the link below will take you to our Mapping system. This link will only work on the computers made available to you when visiting reception.

Open the map

CON29 data

Please see pdf showing CON29 questions and how to access data: AR 2023 CON29 data.pdf [pdf] 110KB