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Local authority search

Searches are performed by our fully trained and experienced staff. Our searches are covered by professional indemnity insurance.


We aim to return searches within two working days.



Item Fee
Full search CON29 & LLC1 £81
Additional enquiries part 2 CON29O optional £7.20 each
Additional Enquiries part 3 (of your own composition) £18
LLC1 form only £15
CON29 form only £66
CON29O optional only £26.50 + £7.20 per question
Additional parcel fees LLC1 £1.00 & CON29 £12.00 Total £13 for full search
Cancellation fee £45
Commons Registration search (without CON29) £33.60
Commons Registration search (with full search) £7.20


Item Fee VAT Total
LLC1 £15 None £15
Add. Parcel (LLC1) £1 None £1
CON29 - new fee £55 £11 £66
CON29O (per question) £6 £1.20 £7.20
Add. Parcel (CON29) £10 £2 £12
Admin fee (where applicable) £22 £4.40 £26.40

The total basic search fee LLC1 and CON29 will therefore be £81 inclusive of VAT from 1 April 2021

Requesting a search

The quickest way to submit a local authority search is by sending an email search request to:

You must provide an Ordnance Survey plan outlining the property.

Payment can be made via BACS. Our team will contact you to arrange payment after receiving the search information.