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Local authority search

Searches are performed by our fully trained and experienced staff. Our searches are covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Residential searches (RES searches)

Defined as individual dwellings including houses, bungalows, and self-contained flats, either in residential or holiday use where the vendor is a private individual. These searches may include gardens, garages, outbuildings etc where the main property is residential in nature (house/flat inc. garden and/or garage etc), or individual building plots for residential properties where the site is either currently vacant or under construction.

Non-residential/commercial searches (NONRES searches)

Defined as all other types of searches including land, commercial properties & businesses. Any search up to 100 Hectares is charged at the standard fee and then an additional parcel fee is charged for each additional 50 hectares, or part thereof.

If there is any uncertainty over the type of search being requested the team will be happy to advise on fee and also calculate any additional parcel fees that may be required



Item Fee
Full Residential (RES) search LLC1 & CON29 £121
Full Non-residential/commercial (NONRES) search LLC1 & CON29 £274
Residential (RES) LLC1 only £25
Non-residential/commercial (NONRES) LLC1 only £58
CON290 optional enquiries (fee when requested with CON29 enquiries) £10.80 each
Additional Enquiries part 3 (of your own composition) £18
CON29O optional enquiries only (for example, Common Land Q.22 only without full search is £42) £31.20 + £10.80 per question
Residential (RES) CON29 only £96
Non-residential/commercial (NONRES) CON29 only £216
LLC1 (RES & NONRES) Additional parcel fees £3
CON29 (RES & NONRES) Additional parcel fees £18
Cancellation fee £45

Large land searches will be charged at the standard NONRES fee up to 100 hectares, and each additional 50 hectares (or part thereof) will be charged an additional parcel fee:

Number of hectares Fee
Standard full NONRES search up to 100 hectares £274
100-150 Hectares (1 x add parcel) £295
150-200 Hectares (2 x add parcel) £316
200-250 Hectares (3 x add parcel) £337
250-300 Hectares (4 x add parcel) £358
300-350 Hectares (5 x add parcel) £379
350-400 Hectares (6 x add parcel) £400
400-450 Hectares (7 x add parcel) £421
450-500 Hectares (8 x add parcel) £442
500-550 Hectares (9 x add parcel) £463
550-600 Hectares (10 x add parcel) £484
600-650 Hectares (11 x add parcel) £505
650-700 Hectares (12 x add parcel) £526
700-750 Hectares (13 x add parcel) £547
750-800 Hectares (14 x add parcel) £568
800-850 Hectares (15 x add parcel) £589
850-900 Hectares (16 x add parcel) £610
900-950 Hectares (17 x add parcel) £631



Item Fee VAT Total
Residential (RES) LLC1 only £25 None £25
Non-residential/commercial (NONRES) LLC1 only £58 None £58
Add. Parcel (LLC1) £3 None £3
Add. Parcel (CON29) £15 £3 £18
Residential (RES) CON29 only £80 £16 £96
Non-residential/commercial (NONRES) CON29 only £180 £36 £216
CON29O (per question) £9 £1.80 £10.80
Admin fee (where applicable) £26 £5.20 £31.20

The total basic Residential (RES) search fee LLC1 and CON29 will therefore be £121 inclusive of VAT from 1 April 2023

The total basic Non-residential/commercial (NONRES) search fee LLC1 and CON29 will therefore be £274 inclusive of VAT from 1 April 2023

Requesting a search

The quickest way to submit a local authority search is by sending an email search request to:

You must provide an Ordnance Survey plan outlining the property.

Payment can be made via BACS. Our team will contact you to arrange payment after receiving the search information.