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Street Naming & Numbering privacy policy

In line with GDPR guidelines we have updated the privacy policy for Street Naming & Numbering which can be found here:

Privacy Notice Street Naming Numbering


Reporting a damaged or missing street nameplate

Please email the details to, or phone 01903 737502. If we are notified that the sign is dangerous we will have it removed or made safe within 24 hours. If a new sign is required we will order a new one, but please note, delivery and installation can take up to 16 weeks. ADC only deal with street nameplates. Queries regarding any other types of road signs should be directed to the Highways Department at WSCC.


Add or change a house name

Requests to add or change a house name must be made by the property owner. You must not make any changes to the address of your property until you have received confirmation from us that it is ok to do so. You may have a house name in addition to the number of your property, but please note that the allocated house number cannot be removed from your postal address and this must be displayed in a prominent position on the property, clearly visible from the road. There is a charge of £55.00 (no VAT) for adding a name to your property. Application and payment must be made via our online form.

We will consult with Royal Mail to check that the name you have chosen does not conflict with any other properties in the area. This consultation can take up to 28 days. Once the proposed change has been accepted by Royal Mail, or if there is a conflict, we will send confirmation to the property owner, as well as informing the emergency services and other Arun District Council departments of the new property name.

You can contact the National Land & Property Gazetteer (NLPG) team for further help or guidance by emailing them at


Developers requiring addresses for a new property or properties

Developers requiring addresses for new properties must make an application as soon as they commence work on site. Applications for addressing can be made using one of our online forms:
Register a single new dwelling 
Register multiple new dwellings 
Register converted properties 

You will be required to provide a plan showing layout, plot numbers and property points of access. For blocks of flats, the layout of each floor must be shown, including plot numbers. The plan must be provided in electronic format (DWG, DXF or PDF) along with a list of suggested street names, if you have any. Alternatively, the Council will research suitable street names for a development. Developers should refer to the  14-11-18 Street naming and property numbering policy.pdf [pdf] 311KB before submitting their requests. Please email if you require assistance prior to making an application. It is the responsibility of the developer to provide street nameplates at the appropriate locations. The council will give advice on specification, quantity and locations.

We will consult with the ambulance service, fire and rescue service and the relevant town or parish council regarding the proposed street names or changes to existing streets. Residents will also be consulted on changes to existing street names. we will then ask Royal Mail to allocate postcodes for all properties in question. Once street names and postcodes have been agreed, the council will inform the developer and various statutory bodies such as Royal Mail, utility companies, West Sussex County Council, mapping companies and various council departments.

The council favours street names which reflect the historical significance of the area, or that refer to people who are connected with a particular area or site. Ideally, street names should not be difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell and should not duplicate any similar name already in use locally. A variation in the last word, for example "street", "road", "avenue", will not be accepted if the main part of the name is duplicated. Street names must not contain punctuation, e.g. “St Mary’s Close” will be officially recorded as “St Marys Close”. The creation of an address in order to secure a "prestige" address or to avoid an address which is thought undesirable will not be allowed. It is the responsibility of the council to provide street nameplates at the appropriate locations. The council will give advice on specification, quantity and locations.

Specific property numbers will not be avoided, except 13, and a proper sequence should be maintained. For infill developments it may be necessary to use an alphabetical suffix, for example 9a. As a general rule all roads will be numbered with odd numbers on one side and evens on the other. Small cul-de-sac developments may be numbered sequentially. Properties (including those on corner plots) will be numbered according to the road in which the main access is situated. 

The below fees are applicable from 1 April 2019.

New build or development
Type of application Charge (per application)
New individual property
New development or redevelopment 
(new builds and conversions)
(includes new builds following demolition)
£160.00 per road
+ £25.00 per plot
Amendment to previously approved address scheme £35.00 per property


Existing properties and/or streets
Type of application Charge (per application)
Change of dwelling name or commercial property name £55.00
Change of building name (e.g. block of flats) £55.00 + 25.00 per flat/unit
Street renaming (resident's request - see policy for details)
£160.00 + £25.00 per property
Street numbering (resident's request - where no numbering system exists)
On individual basis - 
Contact the Council's Local Land Charges Service
Database corrections (e.g. incorrect spellings) No charge

These charges will be reviewed anually.


Further information

If you are having difficulties with receiving your post, please contact the Royal Mail Address Management Centre on 08456 045060 or by emailing

If you have just moved into a new property and are having problems with your address being recognised, this will either be because the Council's street naming and numbering service was not informed of the original development, or that the new development addresses are being held in the Royal Mail 'Not Yet Built' file. Please contact the Royal Mail Address Management Centre on 08456 045060 or email If the property has not been registered with the Council you will need to make an application to the street naming and numbering team. 

Royal Mail will not accept new or amended property details from any organisation other than the Council.  It is also important that your address is correctly registered with the Council so that the information can be passed on to the emergency services as well as Royal Mail and other interested parties

Once the Street Naming and Numbering Officer has confirmed the change of address to the owner in writing, Royal Mail will be informed of the change. Arun District Council will also inform The Valuation Office, the regional Land Registry Office, the Fire and Rescue Service, Sussex Police, the Ambulance Service, internal Council departments, Portsmouth and Southern Water Authorities, BT and other utility companies.

If you have both a property name and number, you should continue to use the number as it is part of the primary address. The name is regarded as an alias and must be used in conjunction with the number.  The name cannot be used instead of the number.