Resident engagement

We define resident engagement as being about working with our residents to deliver housing services in a way that matters to them. We want to work in partnership with our residents as they are best placed to tell us what is going well and to highlight to us if things have gone wrong. We want residents to be able to see how their views have been taken into account and how their voice influences our decisions.

We aim to be accessible to all of our customers in a variety of ways that both suit and interest them. We offer a range of ways for customers to be involved and we are constantly keeping this under review. We also welcome any ideas as to how you would like to be involved in the future.

Benefits of getting involved

Your involvement will directly influence and improve our services for everyone. Depending on how you get involved, we could also provide you with a reference if you’re looking for work. You’ll meet new people – both staff from Arun District Council and other residents and neighbours. Getting involved can also be rewarding and enjoyable. We hope you’ll find getting involved both interesting and a worthwhile experience.

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How to get involved

To find out more, or to register your interest, please email with your name and address and your contact details. Alternatively, you can call 01903 737635 and speak to our resident engagement officer, Kat Rance-Shilbach.

Opportunities to be involved

Community Grant Fund

We are looking for applications and assessors. Have you had an idea that will improve your local area? You could apply for a community grant fund! Or maybe you would like to help us decide where some of our money is spent? You could be a grant assessor - these residents review the community grant fund applications to ensure they meet the aims of the scheme. Assessors will either recommend approval or suggestions for amendments to applications that are not adopted and they champion the scheme in the local area. Find out more on our community grant fund page.


Take part in one of our ad-hoc surveys. This might be about when you first moved into your property, once you’ve had a repair completed, or if you’ve had to report some anti-social behaviour, for example. We would like to hear about your experience. Please register your interest in being in our bank of contacts by emailing with your name, address and contact details.

Estate Walkabouts

Join your neighbourhood housing officer on a local inspection of the area. This is likely to be two or three times per year, for one hour. You will get the opportunity to highlight any issues that you may have noticed in communal spaces.

Our upcoming dates are as follows at 9:30am :

  • 16 April – Bersted (starting Laurel Grove/the walled mural)
  • 7 May – Bognor Regis (starting Hastings Close)
  • 30 May – Angmering (start location TBC)
  • 21 June – Barnham (starting at Foxes Croft)
  • 16 July – Rustington (starting at Goodwood Close)
  • 22 August – Wick/Highfields
    • The Chilgrove Community Hub will be hosting a free breakfast club for junior volunteer litter pickers!
  • 10 September – Yapton (starting at Blenheim Road)

Please register your interest in inspecting your estate by emailing with your name, address and contact details.


Are you able to proofread our publications? Would you be interested in reading some of our communications first? When we produce our biannual newsletter and we make changes to policies and procedures, we’d like to run it past our resident readers first! You can pick and choose publications that interest you.  Please register your interest in being a resident reader by emailing with your name, address and contact details.

Coffee Breaks

If you live in one of our sheltered schemes, why not join a coffee break with your neighbourhood housing officer and/or a repairs officer. You can let us know what issues are arising in your scheme or you can gather together to think of activities we might be able to assist in arranging. This is likely to take approximately 1 hour, two or three times per year.

Other events

We also hold other events, such as:

  • customer journey mapping where we hold a workshop to understand a specific area of business that you’ve been involved with if we want to change a policy or process
  • gardening projects and odd-job days with support from our contractors
  • competitions with prizes such as Christmas tree and plant growing – we will usually send a text or email to you so you don’t miss out!


We produce a bi-annual newsletter to let you know what’s going on in the community. Read the latest edition here.

Changes we have made

8 steps to engagement

We have created a process called 8 steps to engagement, which ensures our managers are always thinking about our residents before they make any changes to our policies and procedures. We will hold a database of interested residents and let them know there is a policy change and ask if you would like to be involved in reviewing the policy or procedure.

Our performance

We want you to be able to hold us to account for our performance. We have produced a document that shares all our targets and how we have been performing against them compared to the previous three months. This will be updated every quarter. Read this document and lots more about our aims online, including some examples of how we’ve listened to our residents.

Resident Engagement Strategy 2022-2026

Our strategy sets out the work we will do over the next four years to engage with our residents.

Our vision is that by 2026 our residents will have every opportunity to engage with us in the ways that suit them, delivering meaningful and outcome-focused resident involvement where they can influence and shape our current and future services

The strategy is centred around five aims

  • make engagement easier
  • be accountable
  • improve communication
  • engage digitally
  • working with our communities

For information on how you can get involved contact us on 01903 737656 or by e-mail

Resident engagement strategy[pdf] 1MB
Resident engagement strategy [HTML]

Resident satisfaction survey 2023

In June and July 2023, many of you took part in an important survey.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to complete and return the survey. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and will help us improve our services in the future.

You can view the Resident satisfaction survey report 2023 online and see our action plan [xlsx] 25KB for service delivery improvements.


We have joined TPAS to strengthen our commitment to resident engagement.

TPAS is a membership organisation, dedicated to bringing residents and landlords together to find solutions to improve services, save money and bring lasting change to communities.

Our tenants and leaseholders will have access to free membership benefits which include:

  • meeting other tenants in your region by attending free member events
  • keeping up to date with the latest housing policy and practice
  • participation in member forums and free webinars
  • access to the TPAS tenant only online networking group

To access your free benefits please visit: to register your profile.

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Annual report

Our latest annual report to tenants and leaseholders is available to view on our website. Inside you'll find key information on our performance over the last financial year.

Read the annual report for 2021 to 2022