Appendix 1

Procedure - Arboricultural Works on Trees.

1. Before any work is undertaken trees will be inspected by the arboricultural officer, the tree gang supervisor or suitably qualified independent surveyors. An inspection sheet must be filled in and filed at the time of inspection.

2. If any work is required to any tree(s) the arboricultural officer must issue a formal work instruction. This instruction must include the following information:

a. Location of tree(s)

b. Where the tree is difficult to locate a small dot of paint is to be sprayed on the base of the trunk

c. Type of tree(s) (Genus and Species or Common Name)

d. Details of the work required to the tree(s)

e. Priority of works e.g. one month

f. Site specific risk assessments

g. Location maps from council’s G.I.S mapping system clearly showing the location of the tree(s). Two plans to be produced where necessary a) Close up including ID number and b) a generic site plan to provide easily identifiable locations

3. If the tree(s) require felling then the following tasks must be completed:

a. Inform ward councillors and appropriate friends groups at the first opportunity of the felling works and timescales

b. If the tree(s) are in a conservation area local residents must be informed about the felling and timescales

4. The tree gang must not carry out any work on any tree(s) without the above procedure being followed with the exception of emergency health and safety work that must be carried out immediately. In this case the arboricultural officer must produce a confirmation order at the first opportunity.

5. When the arboricultural officer is not available the tree gang supervisor will carry out the above duties in consultation with the environmental services and emergency planning manager.