Appendix 4 - Emergency/Non-emergency

If a tree poses an immediate and present danger it will be made safe within 1 hour (very high risk - emergency situation). If the level of risk is lower the tree will be made safe within 6-months (high risk) or 18-months (medium risk).

Signs to look for which may mean that a tree is in such condition to warrant immediate attention include a tree which is:

a) Snapped or blown over

b) Rocking at its base – roots are damaged

c) Uprooted but held up by another tree or building

d) Large branch has broken off or is hanging off the tree

e) Blocking road, footpath, access to property

f) Fallen on to house or car

Signs to look out for which may mean that a tree is a risk to people or property but the risk does not require an emergency response include a tree which is:

a) Dead

b) Dying - few leaves in summer or dieback in the crown

c) Bark is loose and falling off

d) Mushrooms or fungi growing on or near the tree

e) Old splits and cracks in the trunk or large branches

f) Smaller branches falling from the tree

Trees can be made safe via pruning or felling. Typically, we would employ the most cost effective approach. But, for certain high value trees we would consider other options to reduce risk to an acceptable level including options to reduce the likelihood of the tree failing or the likelihood of persons being close to the tree if it did fail.