Visitor parking permits

Bognor Regis visitor permits are available to residents of the CPZ to allow their visitors to park in ‘permit holders only’ and shared use bays.

The permits are available to purchase in the following:

  • 2 hourly permits £0.50 sold individually
  • daily permits £2.00 sold individually
  • one-week permit £12 sold individually 

Visitor permits can be purchased online on the Mipermit website. Please create or log onto your account to purchase the permits. First time users may need to upload proof of residency within the area. Proof of your address can be a Council Tax bill, a utility bill or tenancy agreement issued within the last 3 months.

Permit purchases are only authorised during our office hours, so we recommend buying your permits in advance and activate as required.

Once a visitor permit has been purchased and authorised, it must be activated with the visitor’s registration details and arrival time to be valid for use.