123 Collection Trial Food Waste

food waste trial starting

1-2-3 Collection Food Waste Trial – Spring 2021

Around 42% of household rubbish in Arun is food waste.  

In spring 2021 we will be trialling weekly collections of food waste and absorbent hygiene products (AHP) with a small number of homes. 

The aim is to reduce household rubbish, increase recycling and help make Arun greener.

Around 1,150 households will be selected for the trial, covering different housing types and areas. We’ll send you a letter if your household is selected to take part.

The trial will last a year and throughout the trial we’ll be asking those taking part to give us their feedback.

How it will work

If you’re part of the trial in 2021 your collections will change to a 1-2-3 pattern:

  1. a weekly collection of food waste and an optional weekly collection of AHP products
  2. a two-weekly collection of recycling including small electrical items
  3. a three-weekly collection of general rubbish

There will be no change to your collection day, and garden waste and assisted collections will continue as normal.

Households taking part will receive:

  • a small silver caddy for your kitchen (size of a toaster) and three months’ supply of compostable liners
  • a green lockable food waste bin for outside (size of a pedal bin)
  • a 240L wheelie bin for your general rubbish (unless you tell us you already have one)
  • five yellow and black striped sacks if you take part in the AHP collection (once used these will be replaced)
  • a collection calendar telling you what bins to put out and when

Food Waste

Yes please 

  • dairy products
  • eggs including shells
  • cooked and uncooked food
  • meat, fish and poultry including bones
  • out of date food
  • pasta, rice and beans
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • vegetables and fruit including peelings

No thanks 

  • packaging of any sort
  • plastic bags or wrapping
  • pet waste
  • any other types of rubbish
  • garden waste - you can compost this at home or sign-up to the Green Waste Club

AHP Waste

Yes please 

  • disposable nappies and nappy sacks
  • incontinence pads
  • chair and bed pads
  • single use absorbent bed sheets
  • wipes and paper tissues
  • sanitary towels, liners, tampons and other menstrual care products

No thanks 

  • packaging
  • any other rubbish