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Lifeline base units

Lifeline Digital unit

Lifeline base units

The Digital Personal Alarm does not require a telephone line and will be unaffected by the upcoming digital switchover. The unit covers the home and garden and is fitted with two roaming SIMs for connectivity resilience.


A lady pouring a hot drink whilst wearing her PearlThe Pearl is a small, discreet pendant which allows the customer to raise an alarm call in an emergency, even if the base unit is out of reach or in another room. The pendant is small and very comfortable to wear on the wrist or around the neck.

The pendant is waterproof so can be worn in the shower or bath for up to 30 minutes. 

Lifeline units are supplied with a pendant. 

Fall detector

Pearl advancedThe Pearl Advanced is worn around the neck and it will automatically raise an alert if it senses the user has fallen. You can also call for help manually by pressing a button on the face of the Pearl Advanced. 

Please note that some falls, for example soft falls or controlled falls against a wall or into a chair may not be detected by the device. This item costs an additional £5 per month.

Wireless smoke alarm

Smoke detectorOn detecting smoke, 2 alarms are activated. An alarm sounds within the home and another alarm signal is automatically sent to the Lifeline unit. This immediately raises a call to the monitoring centre where an experienced operator will alert the emergency services.

As this process is automatic and immediate, it reduces the risk to the property as well as the lives inside it.

This item costs an additional £5 a month.

Mindme GPS devices

Mindme Mindme watch


The Mindme and Mindme Watch are perfect for anyone who spends time alone at home but still likes to get out and enjoy the garden, walk the dog or take part in other activities that sometimes mean you're away from family and friends.

You simply press the SOS button to speak directly to the monitoring centre. The operator will speak to you through the device and call your emergency contacts or the emergency services if further help is required. GPS tracking provides accurate location reporting so that help can be directed to you.

Mindme locate MindMe locate watch


Mindme Locate

Mindme Locate gives carers and family much needed peace of mind whilst allowing those living with dementia or vulnerabilities to enjoy the benefits of social interaction, fresh air and exercise as much as they can.

GPS tracking allows carers to locate the user if they have any concerns about their whereabouts.

The design is simple with no confusing lights or buttons and is available in two styles.

Key safe service

Whether carers need access to your home, your children have forgotten their key and are locked out or you need to securely hold a spare door key, everybody has a use for a key safe. 

The Supra C500 Key Safe is police accredited. For more information or to arrange to have a key safe installed please phone 01903 737970 or email

Please note - we recommend that you contact your home insurance provider to confirm their approval before fitting.

Leaseholders and tenants are advised to get permission from the managing agent before installation.