Balloon and sky lantern releases

Arun District Council does not permit the release of balloons or sky lanterns.

The Council works closely with both the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and Keep Britain Tidy (KBT) to promote and preserve the cleanliness of marine and land areas within and near its borders. Balloon and lantern releases are short-lived events that can have long term detrimental effects on wildlife, the environment and can add to littering problems.

The Council in reaching this decision has considered information and guidance from:

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) policy, CAP 736 (2011) Operation of Directed Light, Fireworks, Toy Balloons and Sky Lanterns within UK Airspace, available on the Civil Aviation Authority website  

Information and guidance provided by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Information provided by the National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers (NABAS).