Bognor Regis

The areas constituting Enterprise Bognor Regis will provide new commercial and retail outlets including warehousing, shops and food retail which will incorporate planned new employment provisions and opportunities to support the objective of reducing commuting and creating local jobs. Employment-led development will support the objective of providing a new role for Bognor Regis, complementing other new planned investments.  Different types and sizes of employment space will meet a range of modern business and sector needs, together with new infrastructure to meet the requirements of businesses that can provide wider benefits for the sub-region.

The sites consist of 4 Strategic Employment Land Allocations known as Salt Box Field (11.7ha), Rowan Park (3.2ha), Oldlands Farm (23.8ha) and the former LEC Airfield (29.3ha) sites.

Below are the commercial sites of the strategic site in the Enterprise Bognor Regis allocation for which we have received an application: