Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)


Community Infrastructure Levy - 2020 update

January 2020 Update

On 15 January, Arun District Full Council approved the Arun CIL Charging Schedule.  The CIL Charging Schedule and the Planning Policy Sub-Committee report (of 17 December 2019), which sets out the modifications made to the Draft Charging Schedule, as recommended by the CIL Examiner, are published below.

The Arun CIL Charging Schedule and the Instalments Policy will come into effect in Arun from 1 April 2020.


What will happen next?

It is advisable that in preparation for the introduction of CIL from 1 April 2020,  you should make sure you are fully aware of the CIL charging processes which may effect you.  A list of helpful resources can be found below and further information updates regarding CIL implementation will be available on this webpage shortly: 

If you have any specific questions at this time, please do get in touch: or 01903 737500 and ask for Planning Policy.


CIL Forms

CIL Guidance.pdf [pdf] 129KB
Form 1 CIL Additional Information.pdf [pdf] 368KB
Form 2 Assumption of Liability.pdf [pdf] 314KB
Form 3 Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability.pdf [pdf] 282KB
Form 4 Transfer of Assumed Liability.pdf [pdf] 299KB
Form 5 Notice of Chargeable Development.pdf [pdf] 302KB
Form 6 Commencement Notice.pdf [pdf] 291KB
Form 7 Self Build Part 2 Exemption Claim.pdf [pdf] 288KB
Form 8 Residential Annex Claim.pdf [pdf] 286KB
Form 9 Extension Exemption.pdf [pdf] 281KB
Form 10 Charitable Social Housing Relief Claim.pdf [pdf] 351KB
Form 11 Exceptional Circumstances Relief Claim.pdf [pdf] 309KB
Form 12 Further Charitable Social Housing Relief Claim.pdf [pdf] 346KB
Form 13 Further Exemption Claim.pdf [pdf] 315KB
Form 14 Phase Credit Application.pdf [pdf] 330KB


Examiner's Report

CIL Examiner Report Final December 2019.pdf [pdf] 532KB


Planning Policy Sub-Committee Report (17 December 2019)

This report, specifically Background Paper 2, sets out the modifications that were made to the Arun Draft Charging Schedule, as recommended by the Examiner in his report (provided above).  

Arun CIL Draft Charging Schedule and Instalments Policy

Please note that Appendix 1 of the Arun CIL Charging Schedule – the CIL Zone Map is provided below under the CIL Mapping Section.

Arun’s CIL Instalments Policy can be found under Section 7 of the Charging Schedule:

FINAL Arun CIL Charging Schedule Jan 2020.pdf [pdf] 1MB



CIL Mapping

The Arun CIL Charging Schedule Charging Zone Map - Appendix 1 of the Arun CIL Charging Schedule, is available to view here:  Arun District Council CIL Zone Map 1 – District Wide.pdf [pdf] 9MB

Alternatively, please use our online Geographical Information System (GIS) to view the council's proposed CIL Charging Zones. The map also includes parish boundary information  Please see the instructions below to find out how to use the mapping system:

  1. You can simply click on the map to identify the zone classification
  2. Or, search for your property by full address or postcode, in the box centred above the map window.
  3. Once you have located your property in this box click on the address.
  4. This will centre the map over your selection and put a pin on the property
  5. To see the information relating to this property use the drop down menu called “What would you like to do?” and select “Local Knowledge”