Find out how we can help with stray dogs, and the rules dog owners have to follow when out and about.

Lost and found dogs

If you have lost a dog

Call our Dog Warden to report that your dog has been lost. We will take the details of your dog in case someone finds them and reports it to us.

We’ll also contact our kennels to see if your dog has already been found.

Our stray dog register has details of the strays found in our area.

The Dog Warden is available during our office hours – 8:45am to 5:15pm Monday to Thursday, 8:45am to 4:45pm on Fridays.

Phone 01903 737755

If your dog is in our kennels or has been picked up by the warden, they will not be released without a fee being paid.

Kennel fees
Kennel fees
Time in kennels Fee
Picked up but not kennelled £75
Up to 1 day  - includes dog taken to the kennel but not kept overnight £95
Up to 2 days £120
Up to 3 days £140
Up to 4 days £160
Up to 5 days £180
Up to 6 days £200
Up to 7 days £220
Up to 8 days  £240
Accordion end

If you find a stray dog

If you have found a stray dog, you should always try to locate its owner yourself before contacting us.

If you cannot find or contact the owner, you can call our Dog Warden who will come and collect the stray.

The Dog Warden is available during our office hours – 8:45am to 5:15pm Monday to Thursday, 8:45am to 4:45pm on Fridays.

Phone 01903 737755

During weekends the Dog Warden will be available to collect strays during the day. 

Phone 01903 737500

The stray dog will be taken to kennels to be looked after until the owner can be found.

Please note our Dog Warden only provides a stray collection service.

Rules for dogs in public places

We have rules for dogs in public spaces to protect the health and safety of everyone. This is known as the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) Dog Controls.

If you're responsible for a dog, you must:

  • pick up dog poo left by your dog in any public space
  • keep your dog under close control
  • keep your dog on a lead in all churchyards, cemeteries and anywhere signage says dogs must be on a lead
  • put your dog on a lead when asked to by an authorised council officer
  • not allow them to enter any children's play area or sport facility
  • obey all signs that ban dogs from certain areas

Read the full  Public Spaces Protection Order [pdf] 434KB.

If you’re caught breaking these rules you will receive a £100 fine, or if taken to court a fine of up to £1,000.

The law says your dog must be microchipped. They must also wear a collar or harness tag with your contact details on when outside the house.

Failure to follow the law not only risks prosecution but will also make it harder to get your dog back to you if it’s lost.

Out of control dogs

We cannot investigate reports of dangerous or out of control dogs.

If a dog has attacked a person, you should report this to the police.

If your dog has been attacked by another dog, this can be dealt with as a civil matter between you and the owner.

We recommend reading the following documents:

Dealing with dangerous dogs [docx] 62KB

What to do if your dog is attacked [docx] 20KB

Dog on dog incident witness form [doc] 58KB

Dog fouling and dog waste bins

We have 468 dog waste bins around the district. Please bag and bin your dog poo, or you could receive a fine.

If you find a bin that is full or overflowing, you can report it to us online:

Report a full bin

If you find dog poo that needs cleaning up, you can also report this:

Report dog fouling

Dog barking

Barking is a natural behaviour for a dog, and occasional barking is to be expected. There are times a dogs barking can be constant and cause issues.

If a dogs barking is an ongoing problem and you haven’t been able to resolve it by talking to the owner, you can report it to us.