Economic Strategy & Delivery


The district of Arun has a good economic base and is in a strong position to accommodate business growth and development in the future.  It has relatively low unemployment rates and high economic and business activity rates. However, job density is low (0.6 jobs per working age population) and skill and average wage levels are also low. It is these factors that the council is focusing its efforts on addressing. Attracting new businesses into the area will create new jobs and ensuring the local workforce has the right skills will mean they can access these jobs and improve their life opportunities. 


The economic vision for Arun is to have a vibrant, competitive and sustainable place to live, work and do business. The Open for Business [pdf] 456KB document sets out the primary objectives of the council  to achieve this.


The (draft) Arun Place Plan [pdf] 2MB sets out  the economic growth priorities and opportunities for the district. This document was prepared by West Sussex County Council in collaboration with Arun District Council.  It forms part of a suite of documents that support the County Councils West Sussex Growth Plan. The plan will help to identify an investment and delivery strategy which will provide higher GVA, jobs, homes and employment space. Arun District Council  Cabinet endorsed the Arun Place Plan in February 2016. The draft Plan will be considered and endorsed by WSCC Cabinet later in 2016.