The electoral register and the open register

There are two versions of the electoral register (also known as the electoral roll) – the full version and the open register.

The full version

The full version of the electoral register lists the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote (except those who register to vote anonymously).

How the full version is used

The full version is used for electoral purposes, such as issuing poll cards.

It is also used for:

  • preventing and detecting crime
  • calling people for jury service
  • checking credit or loan applications

Candidates, registered political parties and other registered campaigners are also allowed to have copies of the full register. They can use the register for sending election communications to voters.

The open register

The open register (also known as the edited register) is an extract of the full register and is available to anyone who wants to buy a copy, such as businesses or charities.

You can opt out of the open register at any time.

If you have already opted out when registering to vote, you do not need to do it again, your preference will be carried forward each year.

How to opt out

To opt out please email:

Your email should include:

  • your full name
  • your address
  • that you want your details removed from the open register

Removing your name from the open register will not affect your voting rights or credit status.

If you’re on the electoral register but your credit search shows that you’re not

Credit agencies buy a version of the full register so opting out will not affect your credit status.

If you’re on the electoral register but your credit search shows that you are not, it may be because the credit agency does not have the latest version of the register.

If you require proof for credit purposes we can send you a Certificate of Residency.

Please email:

or phone: 01903 737616