Public Inspection of the Electoral Register

The electoral register is open to public inspection, under supervision, and contains the names of all those registered to vote in the Arun District area. 

  • If your details are incorrect or your name is not included in the register, please advise the Electoral Registration Officer immediately by emailing or calling 01903 737616.
  • Extracts from this register may only be recorded by making hand written notes. Photocopying or electronic recording are not permitted by law.
  • Information taken from this register should not be used for commercial purposes, unless the information has been published in the open version of the register. The open version of the register is also available for inspection.

The electoral or open version of the registers can be viewed at:
 Arun District Council,
 Arun Civic Centre,
 Maltravers Road,
 West Sussex, 
 BN17 5LF
The registers can also be viewed at:
 The Town Hall,
 Clarence Road,
 Bognor Regis,
 West Sussex
 PO21 1LD
Between 8.45 am & 5.15 pm  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 9.30am & 5.15pm Wednesday &  8.45 am & 4.45 pm on Fridays.