Estate inspections

We carry out regular estate inspections at all our larger estates and blocks.

We encourage you to join us on these inspections and share any concerns or make suggestions for improvements.

As part of the inspection we will be checking the condition of your estate, building and communal areas, and reporting any repairs required.

The inspections will look at things like:

  • repairs in communal areas that have not already been reported
  • litter, bin stores and fly-tipping
  • grass cutting, landscaping and other estate services
  • communal areas being kept clear

The estate inspections will be led by your neighbourhood housing officer and the date, time, and meeting point of the inspections are shown below.

If your estate or block is not included in the list but you would like to provide us with feedback on your block or estate then please e-mail


Estate inspection dates for Arundel:

14 November 2022

  • Meet at Green Lane Close at 11am
    • This inspection will include Green Lane Close, Canada Road, Jarvis Road, Dukes Close, Pearson Road, Ellis Close, Howard Road, Hill Terrace and Wood View


Estate inspection dates for Bersted:

21 November 2022

  • Meet at the corner of Maple Gardens at 11am
    • The inspection will include the Trees estate and Berghestede Road

Bognor Regis

Estate inspections for Bognor Regis may cover several areas on each day.

8 November 2022

  • Meet at Hastings Close at 9:30am
    • This inspection will include Hastings Close, Amberley Drive, Lewes Close, Hampton Court - Lewes Close and Hampton Court will be visited last
  • Meet at Chipley Court at 10:30am
  • Meet at Gravits Lane block 60 to 64 at 11am

14 November 2022

  • Meet at Carousel Court at 2pm

15 November 2022

  • Meet at Sutherland Court at 9:30am
    • This inspection will include Sutherland Court, Ockley Court, Steyne Street and Argyle Court

22 November 2022

  • Meet at Prince William Court at 9:30am
    • This inspection will include Prince William Court and Glamis Court
  • Meet at Sir Robert Peel Court at 10:30am
    • This inspection will include Sir Robert Peel Court and London Road


Estate inspection dates for Ferring:

8 November 2022

  • Meet at Onslow Drive at 10am
    • The inspection will include Onslow Drive, St Andrews Close and St Maur’s Road


Estate inspection dates for Middleton-on-Sea:

7 November 2022

  • Meet at Priestley Way at 2pm


Estate inspection dates for Pagham:

14 November 2022

  • Meet at Greynville Close at 11am
    • This inspection will include Greynville Close, Frobisher Road and Hawkins Close


Estate inspection dates for Rustington:

8 November 2022

  • Meet at Goodwood Close by the noticeboard at 1pm
    • The inspection will include Goodwood Close, Guildford Road, Southcourt Close, Canterbury Road, Winchester Road, Northcourt Close, Allangate Drive, Richmond Close, Lawrence Avenue and Stroudley Court - Stroudley Court will be visited last


Estate inspection dates for Wick:

7 November 2022

  • Meet at Chilgrove House Hub at 10:30am
    • This inspection will include Kimberry, Highfield, Helyers Green and Potters Mead
  • Meet at Westway at 11:30am
  • Meet at Windroos Drive at 12:15pm

Drop-in sessions

  • First Tuesday of every month from 2pm to 5pm at Chilgrove House hub, Wick, BN17 7JD

Come and meet your neighbourhood housing officer and our financial inclusion officer. They'll be offering information and advice to our tenants and leaseholders.


Estate inspection dates for Yapton:

7 November 2022

  • Meet at Foundry Road by the green at 11am
    • This inspection will include Blenheim Road, Foundry Road, Loveys Road and Tack Lee Road