Filming In The District


The Arun district offers a wide range of interesting opportunities for filming or photography at affordable prices. It has been used for a range of filming projects from student productions, famous television advertisements to large scale films including 'Young Victoria', 'The Madness of King George', 'The Punch & Judy Man', 'Wish You Were Here', 'The Firm' and 'Unforgettables'. The area has also been featured in television programmes, such as, The Apprentice, Dr Who, DIY SOS, 999, Country File, Deep Sea Detectives, The Politics Show, 60 Minute Makeover, Coast, The Hungry Sailor, Take me out, CBBC, Escape to the Country, Saturday Kitchen, Undateables, The Great British Weather Programme, Antiques Road Show, Four in a Bed, Bargain Hunt, Eastenders, The Inbetweeners, Bring It On, Newsround and many more. The district has appeared on The Discovery Channel and the BBC.

Please take an opportunity to view our filming brochure.pdf [pdf] 3MB.

Please also see:  Events Policy 2021.pdf [pdf] 399KB

The charges for filming or photography is dependant on what your production entails. Charges are waived for student film-makers and not-for-profit productions.  We are aware that the many requests are to support low-budget self funded productions, charity and community films and a fee will be negotiated accordingly.  Shoots which require extensive staff input attract additional costs which are negotiated in advance and usually only apply to feature films or resident productions.

In some circumstances there may be a requirement for a reinstatement deposit. This will be made at the discretion of the premises manager and the company using the land will be required to insure the Council against damages incurred during the filming.

Suspension of parking bays costs will be negotiated and the Council requires as much notice as possible to consider any proposal.

If you wish to film on Arun District Council owned or controlled land please contact us on 01903 737920 to discuss your requirements. You will then need to make a formal application, which can be submitted online.  You should allow 1 month's notice for your application to be processed, failure to do so may result in permissions not being granted. 

Please be aware if your filming obstructs any public right of way, including roads and footpaths you may need to contact West Sussex County Council on 01243 642105 or using their roads and transport general enquiries form .

If you require any further guidance on filming on Arun owned or controlled land, please contact us on 01903 737920 or email
You can discover more about the area on the Sussex by the Sea website.

Please complete the application form to film in the district.

Please make sure you have read our Filming in the District Terms and Conditions v5.pdf [pdf] 108KB before submitting your filming application. We will notify you once your application has been approved and consent has been granted for the filming to take place.

For further information on how your information is collected if you have submitted an application form . Please see our  Privacy Notice events e forms


Filming at Council Meetings or on Council Property

The Council has agreed the principles for filming, photography and social media use at Council meetings and on Council property.  Please see the  Filming and Photographic Policy.pdf [pdf] 86KB


Using drones safely

The Council does appreciate  the recreational enjoyment that drones can give, however we need to ensure that drone flights do not interfere inappropriately with the use and enjoyment of council property and land by others.

In order to use your small unmanned aircraft in our parks, recreation ground and public open spaces; whether the activity is commercial/uncommercial you will need permission. To apply for permission please fill out this application form.

The key points to remember are:

  • Avoid using your drone in bad weather such as strong winds or heavy rain.
  • You are legally responsible for safely flying your drone. So not flying your drone in any way that could endanger people or property.
  • Before flying your drone make sure all the parts of the object are working according to the supplier’s manual.
  • Keep it in sight when flying.
  • Don’t fly your drone within 50m of a person, vehicles or overhead of groups of people at a height.
  • Remember it is illegal to fly your drone over congested areas such as streets, towns, cities, public spaces and especially airports.
  • Using a drone to record images of other people without their consent could be construed as a breach of the Data Protection Act or the CCTV Code of Practice. This was recently extended to include public use of drones where they are collecting information about individuals

If you use your drone for any kind of commercial activity on Arun controlled or owned land. You will need to apply for a SUAS permits directly form the civil aviation authority. Once received just fill out this application form.

For more information please see the  CAA Drone Safety advice.pdf [pdf] 225KB. You can also email or phone 01903 737920.