Filming and photography in our district

Find out how to apply for permission to film in our district on this page.

Our local area offers a wide range of interesting locations for filming and has been featured on film and television. You can discover more about our area on Sussex by the Sea.


For small productions (less that 10 cast and crew) and drone filming, you’ll need to apply with a minimum 4 weeks’ notice.  

Larger productions (10 or more cast and crew) will need to provide at least 8 weeks’ notice. 

Location agreements need a minimum of 14 days’ notice for our legal department to review. 

Fees and deposits may also be payable. Further information can be found on our events policies and procedures page in section 5.0.

You must read our events policies and procedures before you apply. If you fail to provide everything required in the policy, your application may be delayed. 

Filming with drones 

Applications for filming using drones must include your Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) flyer ID and a CAA permit. All drones must be registered and labelled with your CAA operator ID.

Using a drone to record images of other people without their consent could be construed as a breach of the General Data Protection Act or the CCTV Code of Practice.

Hobby and recreational drone pilots

Our parks team keep a register of hobby and recreational drone pilots who have permission to fly in our parks (within certain restrictions). 

If you’d like to apply to join the register, you’ll need to send: 

  • your CAA pilot ID 

  • your contact details 

  • details of the drone including its CAA registration 

  • a list of the parks you’d like to use your drone in