Filming in the district and photography shoots

The Arun district offers a wide range of interesting opportunities for filming or photography at affordable prices. It has been used for a range of filming projects including 'Young Victoria', 'The Madness of King George', 'The Punch & Judy Man', , 'The Firm' and 'Unforgettable. The area has also been featured in television programmes, such as, The Apprentice, Dr Who, DIY SOS, 999, Country File, Deep Sea Detectives, The Politics Show, 60 Minute Makeover, Coast, The Hungry Sailor, Take me out, CBBC, Escape to the Country, Saturday Kitchen, The Great British Weather Programme, Antiques Road Show, Four in a Bed, Bargain Hunt, Eastenders, The Inbetweeners and many more.

You can discover more about the area on the Sussex by the Sea website.

For information regarding requirements for commercial filming or photography including  fees/charges, minimum timescales for application process and other useful information to use ADC public space please see:  Events Policy 2021.pdf [pdf] 399KB   Please make sure you have read the events policy 2021 before submitting your filming application. We will notify you once your application has been approved and consent has been granted for the filming to take place.

To apply to film (including by drone or other method of ariel shot) or a photographic shoot (ensure you have read the Events Policy and have all your documents ready to upload) complete:  application form to film in the district.

Filming using drones

You must have consent to film using a drone on ADC public space, with your application you are required to:

  • Supply your Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) flyer ID (you must and are liable to follow all CAA regulations and advice - or you could be prosecuted)
  • Ensure and confirm every drone to be used is registered and labelled with an operator ID obtained from the CAA
  • Provide evidence of permission(s) gained from the CAA as appropriate
  • Provide a site-pecific health and safety risk assessment 
  • Provide a site plan which includes take-off and landing sites
  • Provide a copy of your public liability insurance certificate £5,000,000

Using a drone to record images of other people without their consent could be construed as a breach of the General Data Protection Act or the CCTV Code of Practice. This was extended to include public use of drones where they are collecting information about individuals

In some circumstances there may be a requirement for a reinstatement deposit. This will be made at the discretion of ADC officers on a case by case basis.

If your activity obstructs or crosses any public right of way, including roads and footpaths permission is required from West Sussex County Council on 01243 642105 or using:  roads and transport general enquiries form 

For further information on how your information is collected if you have submitted an application form. Please see the  Privacy Notice events e forms

Filming at Council Meetings or on Council Property

The Council has agreed the principles for filming, photography and social media use at Council meetings and on Council property.  Please see the  Filming and Photographic Policy.pdf [pdf] 86KB

Hobbyist / Recreational pilots

ADC need to ensure that drone flights do not interfere with the safety, use and enjoyment of council property and land by others. A register of permitted hobbyist pilots is held of hobbyist drone pilots who may fly within ADC parks (within certain restrictions).  Should you wish to apply to join the register please  You will need to supply your CAA pilot ID, full contact details and details of the registered drone and the area you would like to use your drone.