Ford neighbourhood development plan 2

The documents in the table below form stages of the  Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

Please note that Ford currently has a made NDP but is reviewing this plan which has been identified as Ford neighbourhood development plan 2 on this website.  The first plan and its documents can be found here: Ford neighbourhood development plan | Arun District Council


Statutory Sections of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations
Regulation Documents

Reg. 5 and 6 - Area designation


Reg. 7 - Publicising a designation of a neighbourhood area etc.


Reg. 14 - Pre-submission consultation and publicity

Consultation dates: 31 July 2023 to 8 September 2023

Ford modification screening determination letter [pdf] 246KB

Ford neighbourhood plan 2022 [pdf] 7MB

ADC Reg. 14 comments

Reg. 15 - Plan proposals (submission)


Reg. 17 - Submission of a plan proposal / modification to examination


Reg. 18 -  Publication of the examiner’s report and plan proposal decisions


Reg.  19 -  Decision on a plan proposal


Reg. 20 - Publicising a Neighbourhood Development Plan (‘made’ plans)