Helping someone with a claim


If you need a friend or relative to help you make a claim or maintain your claim(s) for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction or you are a friend/relative helping someone with their claims, please note that we are unable to discuss the claim(s) with you without written permission from the claimant.


Power of Attorney

If there is someone who holds Power of Attorney (PoA), we need to see the PoA document as proof. This can be emailed to us at with the subject field of the email containing the claimants name, claim reference (if known).

Once we have this document the Power of Attorney details will be noted on the claim and we will be able to discuss details with the person holding Power of Attorney. All correspondence we would normally send to a claimant will go to the person with Power of Attorney. Please also confirm an email address, contact address and phone number for the person who holds Power of Attorney.



If you do not have or do not want a Power of Attorney but would like to assign someone to act on your behalf the Benefit Section has the discretionary power to appoint someone as the appointee for a claimant who is unable to manage their own affairs.  This is in accordance with Regulation 71(3) of the Housing Benefit (General) Regulations 1987.

The Appointee carries out all duties involved in managing the Benefit claim including:-

  • Completing the claim form and renewal forms
  • Supplying evidence of income, savings and rent
  • Informing the Council of any changes in the claimant’s circumstances
  • Receiving payment of Housing Benefit where the Landlord is not paid direct
  • Repaying overpaid Housing Benefit where applicable.


Change of circumstances

It is important that the Council is informed immediately of any changes in the claimant’s circumstances.  Failure to notify a change may mean having to repay the Council any extra Benefit received after the change happened.

Changes that may affect Benefit entitlement
  • Change of address
  • Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance starting or stopping
  • Starting or stopping paid employment
  • A change of income, such as a pay rise or change in benefits being received
  • A change in capital
  • A member of the household moving in or out
  • A member of the household having a change in income or circumstances
  • A change in the amount of rent being charged

An appointee may cancel the arrangement by giving four weeks’ notice in writing to the Council.


Apply to be an appointee

To apply to be an appointee please complete and return this form:  Appointee application form.pdf [pdf] 389KB