Housing Register


Please be aware we are experiencing an increase in demand in housing register applications. Due to this we are experiencing an approximate 3 month delay in processing applications. You will be notified of any decision relating to your application in writing once your application is assessed. To ensure we are able to fully assess your application please provide all your verification documents.


The Housing Register is the list of people applying for housing owned by the council or by housing associations. If you have already registered for the Housing Register you will need to apply for an I-Housing login using the I-Housing link below. If you haven't already registered (not yet accepted as having a housing need), you will need to register using the Housing Register link below and then apply for the I-Housing login.
Applicants can join the housing register if:
  • they have a housing need AND
  • they have a local connection
 Further details can be found in the  Allocations_Scheme_2014 amended 2018.docx [docx] 545KB

How to apply

If you meet the criteria to join the housing register, you will need to provide details of yourself & the people in your household and your personal circumstances.  To apply to the Housing Register follow this link.
Information about the data we will collect and how we will handle it can be found in the following  Privacy Notice Housing Register

What are the bands?

Applicants are placed into one of three bands that show their priority for housing. Band A, which is the highest priority, Band B and Band C. Our Housing Allocations Scheme (above) explains this in detail. 
If you do not agree with your band after you have looked at the Housing Allocations Scheme you may write to us and tell us why you think you should be in a different band. It is helpful if you point to the criteria that you believe applies to you, and show why with some evidence.

Change of circumstances

If you are currently on the Housing Register the Allocations Team needs to know when there is a change in your circumstances- for example, change of address, marital status, or birth of a child. You can send us the information on our on line change of circumstances form . Once you have completed the information and submitted the eForm it will be automatically sent to the allocations team.  You can also email us at  housing.allocations@arun.gov.uk  and attach documents to support your changes, i.e. copies of birth/marriage certificates, but please make sure you include your details, such as your CBL number and you name, address and date of birth so that we can link to your application.
Once you have sent us all of the information we need we will write to you with your registration date and number, your banding and reason for it. 

When you can bid for properties

Once your Housing Register application is registered and banded, you can bid for properties suitable for your family's needs through I-Housing. You can look at the magazines or website at the properties advertised every fortnight, and choose where you would like to be housed by bidding for those homes.

Will I be offered accommodation by the council straight away?

There is a shortage of Council and Housing Association property in the area, so you may have to wait a long time before you are offered a tenancy. You could consider other choices of accommodation such as renting privately through an agency or private advertisement. See our Advice about Homelessness page  for details of other housing options. There are currently well over 1000 applicants on the housing register.