Infrastructure and funding

Secondary School Site Selection Study 2023 161123 [pdf] 25MB

Arun infrastructure capacity study and delivery plan draft report [pdf] 4MB

Infrastructure capacity study and delivery plan phase 2 - delivery schedule and phasing plan [pdf] 512KB

LEGA Development Delivery Study [pdf] 15MB

Development Delivery Study West Bank 2014 [pdf] 2MB

School provision in Arun district Feb 2017[pdf] 515KB

Appendix 1 Strategic housing primary education requirements [pdf] 178KB

Appendix 2 Strategic housing secondary education requirements [pdf] 171KB

SEDP3d Update to school provision in Arun district [pdf] 94KB

Strategic Growth Assessment Arun [pdf] 2MB

SEDP5 Secondary school site assessment [pdf] 202KB

SEDP6 LEGA Potential sources of funding [pdf] 1MB

SEDP7 EIP primary education requirements [pdf] 213KB

ADCED73 MOU Southern Water [pdf] 297KB

SEDP8 Secondary school site selection study [pdf] 3MB

SEDP9 Secondary school site selection study – non-technical summary [pdf] 458KB

ADC WSCC secondary  education contributions - final [docx] 71KB
Developer obligations regarding secondary school transport contributions in Arun District [docx] 48KB - our officers and WSCC agreed this position statement for the purposes of calculating education requirements in March 2019.

Local plan viability assessment

Local plan viability assessment update [pdf] 15MB


Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) for Barnham, Eastergate Westergate (BEW) Allocation    

The below draft document shows the proposed infrastructure to be delivered on the BEW site allocation. This is due to be considered at the planning policy committee on 21September 2023 to decide whether to publish the document and endorse the projects within.

Draft Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP) for Barnham, Eastergate Westergate (BEW) Allocation .xlsx 68KB