Housing Land Supply

Arun District Council 5 year Housing Land Supply

The current position is in Chapter 4 of the Authority Monitoring Report 2018-19 which is published below.


Update to Housing Implementation Strategy (HIS) Housing Land Supply updated with 2017 data


Authority Monitoring Report

The aim of planning policy monitoring is to scrutinize and report on the Council’s progress in the preparation of a new Local Plan and the effectiveness of the Council’s existing planning policies. It is important to consider how effectively the Council is delivering a Planning Service in the Arun district and the following are key questions about the effectiveness of Arun’s Planning Service:

  • How well does the Planning Service perform in terms of the quality of service it provides to people?
  • How well does the Planning Service perform in helping to deliver new homes for those in greatest need of housing?
  • How is the Planning Service doing in collecting evidence to inform a new Local Plan?

Monitoring is essential in providing information about how well the Planning Service is performing.

This information can be used by the public, community groups, businesses and voluntary sector organisations to see how well the Council is delivering a Planning Service and to enable the public to be sufficiently informed and able to influence the services the Council delivers. It can also be used by the Council to inform the development of policies, to assess the impact of policies and is vital to performance management within the Planning Service and as part of the Council wide performance improvement programme. The Corporate Performance Plan, which looks at the Council’s progress and achievements against the priorities set by the Council in consultation with local people and organisations, is central to the Council wide performance improvement programme. The Planning Service plays a vital role in delivering Arun Priorities. 


Monitoring reports

The Council publishes a range of monitoring reports and provides links to a range of useful information about the Arun district. Monitoring reports are published to provide information about a range of matters such as commercial development in the area, on housing land supply and environmental issues. Published reports will normally cover a period of a year from 1st April to 31st March, however, periods covered by reports may be shorter. Monitoring reports will state what period they cover.


Service standards

The Council publish service standards for the Planning Service and data on performance relating to Service Standards


Current authority monitoring report

View the Authority Monitoring Report 2019-2020.pdf [pdf] 5MB
The Authority Monitoring Report 2019-2020 has been republished on 14.12.20.


Previous annual monitoring reports

Authority Monitoring Report 2018-2019.pdf [pdf] 6MB

Authority Monitoring Report 2017-2018.pdf [pdf] 5MB

 Authority Monitoring Report 2016-2017.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Authority-Monitoring-Report-2015-2016.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Authority Monitoring Report 2014 - 15 [pdf] 2MB

Authority Monitoring Report 2013-2014.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Authority Monitoring Report 2012-13.pdf [pdf] 1MB  and supporting document Residual Housing Supply.pdf [pdf] 408KB

Annual Monitoring Report 2010-11 Addendum.pdf [pdf] 18KB  and Addendum.pdf [pdf] 18KB

Annual Monitoring Report 2009-10.pdf [pdf] 2MB and Supplementary Note.pdf [pdf] 24KB 

Annual Monitoring Report 2008-09.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Annual Monitoring Report 2007-08.pdf [pdf] 4MB

Annual Monitoring Report 2006-07.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Annual Monitoring Report 2005-06.pdf [pdf] 2MB

Annual Monitoring Report 2004-05.pdf [pdf] 3MB

Please see the Local Plan pages for the latest information on the progress of the Plan. For the latest information on Arun District Council’s Affordable Housing Delivery Programme 2010-15 please see the Planning Obligations page. If you would like assistance with accessing the documents on this page please contact us on or by telephone on 01903 737500. Audio copies and publications in another language are not available.


Arun District Councils Infrastructure Funding Statement 2019-20

In accordance with the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended), the Council has prepared an Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS).  The IFS reports the council’s S.106 income and expenditure and provides an update on the Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy.  Please find the Arun IFS 2019/20 and appendices below.

Arun IFS 19_20 _Final.pdf[pdf] 528KB

Appendix 1 - Obligations Entered into in Year 2019-20.pdf[pdf] 509KB

Appendix 2 - Obligations Paid in Year 2019-20.pdf[pdf] 456KB

Appendix 3 - Non monetary summary details 2019_20.pdf[pdf] 86KB

Appendix 3a - Non_Monetary Affordable Housing Units to be provided.pdf[pdf] 437KB

Appendix 4 - Obligations Allocated in Year 2019-20.pdf[pdf] 566KB

Appendix 5 - Obligations Spent in Year 2019-20.pdf[pdf] 454KB

Appendix 6 - IFS NHS Letter.pdf[pdf] 283KB

The Arun District Council IFS should also be read alongside the West Sussex County Council IFS for a full picture of S.106 developer contributions paid and received. 

We also publish our Developer Contributions figures regularly.


Regulation of monitoring reports

The Localism Act 2011 provided for new regulations to be introduced to change the way local authorities undertake monitoring and produce monitoring reports. Following the enactment of the Localism Act 2011, the government published The Town and Country Panning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. Under the new regulations local authorities are required to publish monitoring reports at least annually concerning the Council’s progress in the preparation of documents that make up the Council’s Local Plan and to measure and report on the effectiveness of the Council’s planning policies.

There has been a shift in emphasis from a single paper based report (Annual Monitoring Report) to producing a range of reports focusing on different areas of interest such as neighbourhood planning or housing delivery. Readers will be more readily able to find information that is of interest to them.

There have been a number of changes to the regulations relating to monitoring. The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 published in March 2012 provide additional regulations in respect of local planning authorities’ monitoring reports in addition to those provided for in the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) and Section 113 of the Localism Act 2011. Additionally, the Localism Act 2011 provided for the Secretary of State to retain powers to prescribe the timing, content and form of authorities’ monitoring reports. Details of the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2012 are shown below.

The Localism Act 2011 amends the obligation (Section 35 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004) on local authorities to produce an annual monitoring report and make it available to the Secretary of State and for the Annual Monitoring Report to contain specified information.

The Localism Act 2011 (Section 113) requires that reports are published at least annually and that reports contain information about the implementation of the Local Development Scheme and the extent to which policies set out in local development documents are being met. The Localism Act (Localism Act 2011 Section 111 (7)) also requires local authorities to publish up-to-date information showing the state of the authority’s compliance (or non-compliance) with the timetable for the preparation and revision of documents set out in the Local Development Scheme.

Provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, which came into effect on the 6th April 2012, in summary require local planning authorities’ monitoring reports to contain the following:

  • Detail of the timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan and anysupplementary planning documents; comment on progress against the timetableduring the monitoring period covered; reasons for any delay; and the date of adoption;

  • Detail of any neighbourhood development orders or neighbourhood development plan made by the authority during the monitoring period covered;

  • Facts relating to the community infrastructure levy as required by Community Infrastructure Regulations 62(4) in respect of the monitoring period covered;

  • Details of action through co-operation with other local planning authorities, county council et al occurring during the monitoring period covered;

  • Information about any specific policies contained in the local plan or supplementary planning documents not implemented during the monitoring period covered and what steps the local planning authority intend to take to secure that the policy is implemented;

  • The number of additional dwellings or additional affordable dwellings delivered in any area within the Arun district (such as the area covered by a Neighbourhood Plan, Parish etc) for which a number of additional dwellings has been specified within the Local Plan in respect of the period covered by the report and the the period since the policy was first published, adopted or approved.

Additionally, the local planning authority is required to make any up-to-date information, which they have collected for monitoring purposes, available as soon as possible after the information becomes available.

Copies of monitoring reports can be printed directly from the Arun District Council website or are available on request subject to payment of a charge. Please contact the Planning Team if you wish to request a copy of a document by telephone on 01903 737500.