Non-designated heritage assets

Find our list of non-designated heritage assets and details of areas of character.

The historic environment is an asset of cultural, social, economic and environmental value. It contributes to our sense of history, place and quality of life.

Most of the structures and places that contribute to our historic environment can be classified as heritage assets.

What are non-designated heritage assets

Designated heritage

Heritage assets can be ‘designated’ which means they have certain legal protections, such as:

Non-designated heritage

‘Non-designated’ heritage assets are identified by us as the local planning authority. They can be buildings, monuments, places or areas and landscapes.

They do not meet the criteria for official designated heritage status, but we feel they have important local interest and heritage value.

We have identified two different types of non-designated heritage assets based on criteria published in the Arun Local Plan (2018). These are ‘areas of character’ and ‘buildings or structures of character’.

Our local list of non-designated heritage assets

Our non-designated heritage assets, along with those clearly identified within ‘made’ neighbourhood development plans, have been compiled into one list that is updated regularly.

List of non-designated heritage assets [xlsx] 62KB

Areas of character

Visit our areas of character page for descriptions and maps.

Buildings and structures of character

Buildings and structures of character are those that we have identified as having a strong local interest or importance.

This may be based on historic interest, appearance, or contribution to the character of their area or are good examples of the building’s type or style.

These buildings and structures do not have the same status or level of protection as listed buildings. They keep their full permitted development rights unless individually removed.

We will use our planning policies, as far as possible, to protect the external appearance of our buildings and structures of character. If any changes to a building on the list require planning permission, care will be taken to ensure the character of the building is maintained. Full details will be required to assess a development affecting a locally listed building fully.