Parking dispensations

Dispensations are temporary permits giving special permission to tradespeople to park their commercial/work vehicles and vans on restricted roads whilst working at a nearby property.

They may be granted under the following circumstances:

  • when it is essential to park at or close to the property to carry out the work

  • when there are no other viable parking options available

  • the permit is not for convenient parking near to where you will be working, unless regular access to tools is required, that can only be stored in the vehicle and not onsite

The types of work where dispensations may be granted include:

  • building works
  • glazing
  • site access
  • removals
  • large deliveries
  • tree surgery

Rules for dispensations

  1. Dispensations are not for use on double yellow lines with kerb markings indicating no parking at any time or no waiting areas, such as taxi ranks, disabled bays or loading bays.
  2. The dispensation must display the full address of the location of work.
  3. The vehicle must be parked in the nearest on-street limited waiting bay or single yellow line available.
  4. The dispensation cannot be used by any other vehicle other than that specified.
  5. The vehicle must be frequently accessed during the day.
  6. The vehicle must not cause a danger or obstruction to other road users or pedestrians.
  7. The dispensation is not valid after the expiry date.

Table of fees:


Table of fees

Area of dispensation

Daily rate

Weekly rate

Permit bays within the Bognor Regis Controlled Parking Zone 

(The weekly rate includes parking on Saturday)



Pay and Display bays within the Town Centre, Bognor Regis (including Belmont Street, Clarence Road, Gloucester Road, Lennox Street, London Road, Lyon Street, Queensway, Sudley Road, Walton Road and Waterloo Square)



Pay and Display bays on The Esplanade, Bognor Regis



Pay and Display bays within Marine Drive West, Bognor Regis (April to September only)



All other areas in the Arun district



How to apply for a dispensation

You will need:

  • the registration of the vehicle, make and model
  • the address or location of the works
  • the start date of the dispensation
  • how long you want the dispensation for
  • the parking area being applied for
  • a valid credit or debit card to make payment

Apply for a dispensation

If your vehicle does not fit the criteria, the notice will not be issued and alternative arrangements must be made.

Removal vehicles

Sign written removal vehicles are allowed to park where there are certain restrictions without penalty but this does not apply to any other type of vehicle (including self drive vehicles).

It may be possible for other vehicles to purchase a dispensation notice but this would depend on the circumstances.

If you would like to enquire further, please email: or phone: 01903 737655